Tuesday, October 27, 2015

*Big breath*

I am back for a while! :)

I am making no promises for how long, but I am excited to be back for not. I very much enjoy blogging and talking about health. It's motivating and I REALLY need the motivation right now! :)

Where I am at right now........

I am 22 weeks pregnant with baby #9.

We are thrilled!

But because of my cheating problem, I have gained 24 LBS already.

I am determined to stop the bad habits and begin making much better choices.

My goals:

1. Don't think about the mistakes (junk food) I made. Concentrate on from here on out.

2, Pay little attention to the scales. Weigh and measure ONCE A WEEK.

3. Be HAPPY with myself. Stop thinking about what I DON'T have and be thankful for what I DO.

4. Keep working on my life priorities, making sure that first things come first. DOING WHAT NEEDS DONE and not what the flesh wants to do. If I am doing this, I needn't worry when something does NOT get done, because apparently something ELSE needed done more.

How does this apply to fitness? Well, if I don't get exercise done because I was reading to my little ones, that's OK! But if I don't get it done because I couldn't get my lazy rear off FB, that's NOT ok!

5. Eat right (THM for the MOST part), drink right, exercise and SLEEP!

So, in SHORT terms:

1. Look ahead, not back.

2.Weigh and measure once weekly.

3.Be happy with myself.

4. Prioritize.

5. Food, water, exercise, sleep.

I would love to blog daily, updating in each category!


  1. You can do! :)

    You look great, even if you have had cheats. It isn't all lost and keep looking ahead! :)

  2. I'm excited you are blogging again. I hope you find it a great tool! :D

  3. Yay, yay, yay!!!!

    And congratulations :D