Thursday, October 29, 2015

This is a "I love my babies so much" kind of day.

Don't you just love those moments when you look at your little ones and they are *so so so so so so so so so * CUTE and your heart just bursts? Yeah, it's that kind of day!

And you know what? ALL of this work to keep fit because of having 8 (working on 9) babies is WORTH IT! Not that I ever thought it WASN'T worth it, but you know........Sometimes you can have a pity party with yourself. Like when I think of ALL the weight I have had to lose over the years because of these little guys :). I hope I don't sound ungrateful! It's mostly when I compare myself to girls like Sophie Guidolin. Yeah, you probably don't know who she is, just like I didn't until a few days ago.

She's a body builder.
She has 4 children.
The last two were twins.
She looked like she never had a baby at 6 weeks.

Google her at your own risk because she loves to post pictures of herself in string bikinis. 

Anyway, I know it's STUPID to compare myself to her. We OBVIOUSLY have different priorities in life, and I wouldn't trade my life for hers for ANYTHING. But you know how you can beat yourself up in those personal pity parties. :)

Goal #1 Not thinking of past mistakes.

Doing great! I will tell you a little more about WHY I am so worried about not thinking about mistakes of the past.  What I am prone to doing is getting into the mode of "OK, now I need to make up for lost ground." I make these silly plans like "Nothing but green smoothies until 12:00 everyday , only veggies after that and NO sugar until I am down 10 LBS." or " Drink a green smoothie before EVERY meal and exercise 2 hours every day for 2 week."

THEN the plan is so miserable that I fail and eat a bunch of junk food while I think about how much I hate food and food issues. :)

THAT's what I am NOT letting myself do this time! :)

Goal #2  NO SCALES!

It's rough ladies! ROUGH! :)

Goal #3 Be happy with myself.

I go into my food co-op today to get Scott and I a healthy lunch. I was feeling all good about myself. :) Then I saw her......The gorgeous lady that looks just like January Jones. The one that I think is sooooo pretty and fit and I usually BEAT MYSELF UP and think "That's IT! I am not cheating or touching a DROP of sugar for 2 years and I am exercising 30 minutes after EVERY MEAL!"

But it was even WORSE today.........Why? Because she had a little TODDLER with her! She has a little one and she STILL looks that good! :) 

BUUUUUUUT today I didn't do it! I still think she's super pretty and she does motivate me. But I made myself think about what I am happy with about MYSELF, instead of think of my mistakes and what I don't have.

Goal #4 Priorities

Good.......I don't have anything exciting to say except that I am working on a bootcamp to make better habits for everyone in the house. Even me! :) (NOT my dh! lol) The children are sooooo excited! hahahahaha

Goal #5 Drink, eat, exercise, sleep.

Drink...Not so good because I was away from home unprepared. I am going to keep drinking tonight though and even make myself some tea.

Eat....OK. I did not eat on plan but I ate everything in moderation. I am very happy with the amounts I ate AND I ate mostly good food. VEry little junk. NO gorging at ALL.


Sleep.....Great! 7 HOURS! 

hMMMMM I was supposed to be reporting for yesterday! oops

Yesterday I DID exercise for 20 minutes! I did pilates! 

Well, that's all for now!


  1. It's hard to not get sucked into the comparison trap. So hard! But you are making a great choice to focus on what you are thankful for and knowing that your natural reactions only work to make you fail. Your inner beauty enhances everything anyone sees when they look at you, Angie. :)

  2. Angie, I think *you* are probably the woman that every other woman is looking at and comparing themselves to. You glow, your energy and lust for life is infectious, and the way you love your kiddos is wonderful.

    I love your goals.