Friday, October 30, 2015

I am changing my weigh in day..........

Tracy is weighing in on Friday's.......So I am joining her! It's fun weighing in on the same day with someone else! I KNOW I said Mondays.....But I changed my mind! :)

Goal #1 Not thinking of past mistakes (fitness wise.)

Doing great! I did NOT do so good last night food wise when I ate several NON THM lemon bars. I was tempted to let it get me down and kick myself and dwell on it etc. But I did NOT. I just got back up and kept going. I NEED to be able to do this. It would prevent SO many bad foods from entering my body! I tend to either have good DAYS or bad DAYS. And if a bad day is on a FRIDAY or SATURDAY.....I tend to have bad WEEKENDS! :)

SO, I am happy with myself in SPITE of the lemon bars!

Goal #2 NO SCALES except for FRIDAY weigh ins.

Good! OH! My weight was the SAME as the last time I weighed several days ago. That's really great because it stopped going UP!!!!!! ACH! That was terrible when it kept rising so much! AND it was after the lemon bar binge. SO I was happy!

What can I expect ? A quote that I have written on my wall where I can see it.

" Stop complaining about the results you didn't get because of the work you didn't do!"

Goal #3 Be happy with myself!

I have been doing great with this! I have been thinking about how GOOD my body has been to me. (Of course, GOD is to thank!) I have fantastic pregnancies and even more fantastic births. I have been told by both of my midwives that I am made to have babies. They are always amazed at how my births go. My body may love to grab ahold and store EVERY.SINGLE.CARB that comes it's way in pregnancy, but it sure makes good babies! And breastfeeding.......I've never had a problem one. So that is definitely something to be thankful for!

Goal #4  Priorities

I am extremely happy here! I had some wonderful Bible reading this morning and made a DELICIOUS menu. I got all of my groceries today and stayed in budget. My bootcamp for the family is going to get made this weekend . I am very happy!

Goal #5 Drink, eat, exercise and sleep.

Drink- OK....NOt real good because I was in town a lot of the day again! My wonderful water bottle got broken. I NEED to be more prepared when going to town. PART of it is that I need to NOT go to town as much! DH is the biggest reason I go too much though :). He loves me to bring him coffee/treats at work and VISIT him for a while.

Eat.....Did good. I had several helpings of nuts with some chocolate chips......But NOT many chocolate chips. Mostly nuts. I had more servings than I WANTED to. The problem was that I was getting hungry for lunch and was busy and had nothing FOR lunch. So that could have been prevented.

Supper tonight was not healthy. We had corn dogs. I got some chicken strips for me though and ate those with an avacado and just a LITTLE HM sauce. It was not on plan, but it wasn't frozen pizza either! I also did not eat very much.

Sleep.....Good! I've been getting pretty good sleep!!!! I am happy with that! And tomorrow I can sleep in! Yay!

Exercise.......None.......AGAIN. I am really hoping to be back to a better exercise schedule next week. That's my goal!

Well, good night!


  1. Maybe I'll have to change my weigh in day too. :)

    I have not even really thought about exercise yet.... Just trying to get into a good habit of making wise food choices first. :)

    1. Oooh, I'll change to Fridays if you will, Tanya! I think it's so great that Angie and Tracy are doing this...I'm in!

      Angie, keep writing when you can. You really do brighten the web.

  2. Hey, thanks for joining me, Angie. It really IS more fun when others join you. :)