Monday, May 21, 2012

Losing FAT-Building MUSCLE

I know I am TERRIBLE *BUT* I did not finish the 2 week challenge!

The GOOD news is that it *wasn't* because of laziness but because I was too excited to start my new LONG TERM (hopefully) plan! :)

I have always wanted to do this the healthy way.Well,lately I have been doing alot of researching about loose skin (which I do NOT want if possible!) and while doing that I came across some other valuable information that totally changed my game plan! I don't have time to get into too much detail but here are a few thoughts of mine.

I want to be FIT.I do NOT want to settle for "thin".This is more than just wanting to be lighter/smaller.Just because is skinny does not mean they look good either!

I do NOT want to lose muscle! That is defeating the purpose.What I am trying to do here is reverse the damage I have done to my body.Part of that damage is that I lost muscle and lost my good metabolism.I want to regain that which means I need to gain muscle,not LOSE it through losing weight the WRONG way.

I have never felt more excited about this.I am aiming for toned and strong with just the right amount of fat for my body.

Even if I get pregnant I do not have to quit this! This has been a discouragement to me because I feel that the clock is ticking.Titus is almost 8 months old!!!!! It finally hit me that pregnancy does NOT mean that I have to stop building muscle.No matter what I start out as,I can be in better shape at the end of my pregnancy than at the beginning.More muscle,better metabolism,less fat.........

Here are some of the things I have found.......

Excellent weight loss stories and pictures (some very immodest so be careful who is around when you look) at this link below!!!!!!


I am shooting for 6 meals a day PLUS an evening snack.

I am carb cycling but am going to switch amounts of carbs around.Saturday will be a lowER carb day.The weekdays will be low carb with maybe a slight peak on WED.

I am shooting for 180 grams of protein a day.

Lots of water of course.

I will be making a post workout protein shake using whey protein.

Workouts will be strength training MON/WED/FRI and cardio TUE/THUR

I am not sure yet how long the strength training will take me as I have not done it yet but I plan on basing my workouts on the ideas from the body building site above.(Have I said how much I LOVE that site?)

Cardio will be PEAK 8 on TUESDAYS and a workout dvd on THURSDAYS.I really love my Billy Blanks dvd's.They are great cardio and strength training.I want to be able to do them.Scott says no scheduled exercise on the weekends.That doesn't mean I won't get exercise though......This weekend I baled hay and got a killer workout! lol

I got new running shoes!!! (For Peak 8) and even socks!!

I am going to continue body brushing and rubbing my skin down with olive oil *at least* 3-4 times a week.

I will be working on getting good sleep.

I am logging at Myfitnesspal......Wanna join me? It is really neat how it keeps track of your protein grams and carbs......Ignore my allowed calories because I am not *really* counting calories.I am watching them but not counting them iykwim? I am concentrating on getting the protein in and watching the carbs.

I am Angeladawn32

Well,I think that's it for now!! Off I go.....OH! One more thing!

You know I was stuck at 212 for several weeks......Well,between 212-213.I HAD reached 211 at one point but didn't stay there.

Well,after starting my new plan last week by weight dropped down to 209 by Thursday!! Then 208 by Friday! I knew it would go back up a little over the weekend.I was thrilled to see that even after weekend I was STILL 210!! Thursday is weigh in day in the Biggest Loser challenge on MOMYS and I have HIGH hopes for having a loss this week! I was 209 last week......

Well,I am off for now!


  1. Great update!! I am SO excited to be doing this with you! I'm gonna go and add you at MFP... :)

  2. Great Job at the weight loss! :) I know how motivating it is to see success. :) I begin my workouts today! I am so excited. What makes it MORE exciting for me is that my husband is doing this with me... as well as our two oldest sons. I looked at the information you shared, and most of it is very similar to what I found. :) So, looks like we are on the same page. I *do* have a fitness pal account... but I'd have to do some digging to figure out what it was again. If I *do* end up utilizing it, I'll share it with you. :)

  3. Excited for you, Angie!

    I will have to look into trying something here as well. :) Today is a holiday here in Canada, so I'm not starting anything today. Dh is home and we are all going to a BBQ later on today. :)