Monday, May 21, 2012

Wow....My arms are shaking still lol

My first weight session is done.......WOW is all I can say.I KNOW that my body is going to change because my muscles never get THAT kind of work.I am strong.I can work and work hard/lift heavy things.

STILL.....My arms DON'T get that kind of workout lol.


I am drinking my "recovery" drink right now.

Doing fantastic with eating!! Don't forget,I am logging ALL of my food at myfitnesspal.


  1. I love muscles! I know you are going to be very pleased with the results you are going to see. I love having muscles.

  2. Wow Angie! WOW!,! You are soooo amazing! I hadnt been to this blog for While and I so enjoyed catching up tonight. You totaly inspire me and challenge me! I wish I lived close to you! Then you could keep me motivated since you have so much determination. Lol! Somehow you make it sound fun, and I have never thought fun and workouts go together!
    I agree with you in how important it is to make a life style change not just a quick diet. Im so proud of your progress. Soon it will be you posting those amazing before and after pics! Keep up the good Work!