Monday, January 28, 2013


And we are having a wonderful day! I LOVE Mondays! A BRAND new week. A fresh start!

My meals for today and tomorrow.I did great on Saturday and REALLY great on Sunday!


B-Cookie Bowl Oatmeal
S-Skinny Chocolate w/ a swirl of pbutter and sprinkling of pecans.
L- 2 low carb tortillas stuffed with chicken,lettuce,cheese,ranch,braggs etc.Fat blasting Frappa
S-THM Pancakes topped with yogurt and peaches
D-Mouth watering meringues


B-Muffin in a mug (but in the oven lol) and Fat blasting Frappa
L-Cajun cottage cheese + Chunk Cream Pops
S-Choco pudding w/ a spray of Redi-Whip
S-Baked chicken,cheesy cauliflower/brocolli and Oopsie Roll garlic toast
D-Greek yogurt w/1 tsp all fruit

Today I exercised and it felt great!

I did a 15 minute power workout + minute Tiffany Roth ab workout followed by a 10 minute WONDERFUL arm workout. It feels so good to be kicking the exericse into high gear again!

I ordered two pregnancy workout dvd's.Both were recommended in the THM book and I can't WAIT to get them! They sound JUST my style. I am REALLY going to work at building muscle in this pregnancy.I am so excited to get these!

Morning sickness is starting to show it's sweet little head a little bit. I am hoping thaat with my new way of eating and the fact that I can so easily get extra protein in my shakes/smoothies that maybe I might be able to keep myself feeling pretty good! We shall see!

This pregnancy is like a big adventure to me. I have 7 other pregnancies to compare it to. SEVEN pregnancies that I ate pretty much the same in and gained 50-60 lbs each time. Now I am eating SO very different and exercising more than I ever have in my life. I can't WAIT to see all of the differences! I have ALWAYS felt wonderful in pregnancy but I am thinking that I am going to feel even BETTER in this one!

I am going to post a pregnancy update every month that includes my measurements,my weight,my symptoms,my thoughts on the way I feel this pregnancy vs other pregnancies etc. etc. I want to really document the differences that I just KNOW I am going to have. I want it for my own records and also to encourage others. I BELIEVE in this way of living and even though I have no PROOF to show yet,I just know it IS going to happen.

I have realized lately that I think I AM eating too much fat. I am trying to fit in more FUEL PULLS,not too many though. I will always make sure that I get enough calories for a healthy pregnancy.

I am NOT getting enough water! I love water but I am having the hardest time remembering to drink it!

HMMMMMM what else? I don't know. I am going to post another post either tonight or tomorrow with my month 1 pregnancy stats. It is a bit late but oh well. I will be ready to post month 2 here in a week!

I have refrained myself from weighing!!!!! We will see what the scales say Thursday!!! :)


  1. Great update!! I am putting some savings away for those pregnancy workouts for when it's my turn. :)

  2. Sounds great, Angie! You are doing so well! Keep it up!!! I hope to get some of my current weight off before another baby and then ALSO eat healthy and exercise THROUGHOUT!!! I just need to do this. I'm so sick of my other way of living. :)


  3. I know exactly what you mean Angie this is the first pregnancy that I really kept exercising and eating well. It has made a difference in my body for sure! Started my blog again too would love for you to visit.

  4. congratulations on the pregnancy!!! i hope all goes well for you!!

  5. Loved reading through your recent posts! Way to go Angie! Very encouraging!