Thursday, April 25, 2013

Back again!

I am impressed with myself :). Three days in a row!

19 weeks pregnant
Pregnancy starting weight 187
Yesterday's weight 188
Today's weight 190 !

Yesterday's food

Breakfast- (E)Small amount of shredded wheat with yogurt/protein powder etc.
Lunch-  (S)SMALL quesadilla made with low carb tortilla. A bunch of sauteed veggies (peppers/tomatoes/squash) with a sprinkling of pepperoni and some cheese. 1/3 cup cottage cheese. A few bites of peanut butter with a few pieces of DARK chocolate in it.(60%) THis meal was FANTASTIC.
Supper- Sauteed cabbage with lots of coconut oil/butter,almonds,peanut butter,sesame seed.I had a THM style SMALL amount of a peanut butter/cream cheese mixture that tastes JUST like peanut butter pie, right after supper.

I drank my tea and water.

I did my body brushing routine.

Yesterday's exercise

10 minute arm workout with weights
10 minute ab workout
10 minute whole body workout.

(All youtube videos)

Then I did WATP (Walk away the pounds) for an hour. I jogged for part of the time. About 15 min.

My calves are KILLING me today! My abs and back are also sore from the ab workout.

I have NO idea why my weight is up!!! The only think I can think of is maybe muscle gain? Or water retention from sore muscles? I sure hope that is what it is!

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  1. I always gain a lb or two if I exercise like that. I definitely think it's water retention from sore muscles! You are doing great!!!