Friday, April 26, 2013

VERY irritated!

19 weeks pregnant
Pregnancy starting weight- 187
Yesterday's weight -190
Today's weight- 192!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday's food journal

Breakfast- (E)My regular oats but with Lucky Charms instead of oats.
Lunch-Tuna,veggies and cottage cheese (FP)
SNACK- (CHEAT) A bowlful of jello/Cool-Whip/cottage cheese salad
Supper-Out to eat and NOT THM! Deep fried mushrooms,fish,fries...A burger,you get the idea. I even had a ROOT BEER!
Snack- When I got home I had a few drinks of my dh's milkshake and 2 spoonfulls of PB w/ chocolate chips on them.

So yes,I did cheat yesterday but 2 pounds worth!!!!!!!!???????

Not to mention the fact that I was hoping that the 2 lbs jump from the day before would be gone! But not only was it NOT gone,the scales were up two MORE pounds!

I am REALLY hoping that this is not true weight gain. I mean,it really CAN'T be. 4 lbs in 2 days?

I didn't exercise yesterday. I am taking an exercise break until Monday. A PLANNED break,so I don't feel bad.

I didn't get all of my water down yesterday either. So yesterday wasn't really that great of a day.

NOR did I do my body brushing. I am going to just shoot for doing that 3-4 times a week instead of 7.

I am not UNmotivated. The going out to eat last night was planned. That is why I ate a FP lunch. The Jello dessert was NOT planned.

I am making myself some THM puddings today for the weekend and other than date night,I am going to do REALLY great this weekend!


  1. gentle with yourself, friend! I understand how hard this would be after how focused and how hard you've been working!!! Just keep on with what you are doing!! Think about things not in terms of pounds, but think how much easier then end of your pregnancy is going to be and how my energy you will have and also, I firmly believe you will be able to snap back quicker after doing a pregnancy so healthy and active!!!



  2. Angie - I would show that much of a gain with that supper too. It's the fried food. It does it to me every time. Drink lots and lots of water this weekend. I bet its not a true gain and it'll be gone by Monday (just like my 2 lbs I'm up that I'm working to remove). ;) - Jamie

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