Monday, May 20, 2013

We have had company!

Our friends were here visiting for two weeks. I did really good until the last few days and then did way too much snacking etc. My weight was 193 before those last couple days but this morning??????AFTER those last couple of days?????? Well,I was not going to post what it is but if I want to be completely REAL that wouldn't be right!

Today's weight???????

198 !!

That CAN'T be real weight gain!!!!!!!

I am more determined than ever to quit messing around. I will be

23 weeks

on Wednesday!!!!

I am getting WAY too close to 200 and I never EVER want to see that number again! I am officially (and SERIOUSLY THIS TIME! LOL) going to be super strict and healthy with my eating and see if I can get my weight back down to my starting weight of 187. Maybe I won't. As I have said many times before,I won't starve myself to reach that goal. But I REALLY hope to reach it by exercising/drinking and eating HEALTHY!

I have a midwife appt in a couple of weeks.......I haven't actually MADE the appt yet but it will be ATLEAST 2 weeks. My goal is to be back down to 187 by then! I also want to track everything I eat EVERYDAY until that appointment. That is going to be very hard for me as I am just not good at it LOL but I am going to DO IT! *JUST* until that appointment! It really helps me to watch what is put in my mouth.

I am going to be doing a pregnancy/modified version of their FP 2 week cycle. I am going to be cutting back the calories/fat and adding some more FP's into my diet. Not eating late at night,drinking lots of fluids,getting good sleep and exercising!!

I am going to go by how I FEEL. If I feel fantastic,I am going to assume that I am getting enough nutrition. IIf I am feeling weak at all or not good in any way I will up things.

That is the plan! I am EXCITED!

I REALLY hope that tomorrow shows a big drop in that 198 number!!!!!! That is HORRIBLE! That HAS to be water retention from all of the sugar I ate etc. We will see tomorrow!

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