Friday, May 10, 2013


I am looking forward to a very fun weekend with my family and also friends that we have visiting!

Pregnancy starting weight....187

I cheated last night! I had a Hershey's bar,a cup of cappuccino and 2 cups of Fruit Loops. It was delicious and I was happy to not only see that my weight didn't go UP,but it actually went down! :)

I have been doing great with exericise. There has been one day this week that I only did HALF of my planned exercise but other than that,I have done it all!

Yesterday we did "Core Rythmys". It is a very fun dance workout. About 40 minutes. It is NOT modest. Another one that I don't do with my boys around! :) It is a good workout though! Not SUPER intense but good and FUN too!

We are having a cookout tonight with the children for family night. Hot dogs,baked beans,chips and roasted marshmallows. I won't be cheating though! :)

I WILL be cheating on date night though! (Tomorrow night) Actually,you know what? I am not going to call it cheating. Cheating implies that I am going against the "rules" and I am not! :) My "rules" are NOT to have NO sugar etc. but to eat it in moderation. So I am not going to call planned indulging CHEATING :).

I am feeling GREAT! I have absolutely no complaints at this point about anything pregnancy related! I just feel wonderful and it feels great to be eating so healthy and still keeping up with my workouts!

I have really been working hard on squatting MORE in the last year. I do tons of all different kinds of squats in my workouts but I have also been working squatting into my regular everyday life. It really gets me in the garden!!!!!! I get a GREAT workout when I squat to do everything! WOW!

Something I recently read bout squatting is that your heels should be on the ground.

Somehow I had missed that! I can tell that I HAD been getting on my toes when squatting down in regular,everyday life! I am not doing that now and there is quite a bit of difference!

Well,that's all for now!

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