Thursday, May 23, 2013

Excellent day yesterday!

Pregnancy starting weight- 187
Yesterday's weight-197.6
Today's weight- 196.4

Food journal from yesterday

Breakfast- (S)Eggs,cheese,bacon bits and ranch bacon mayo on a low carb wrap.
Lunch- (S)Sauteed cauliflower,peppers,grilled chicken,bacon bits and cheese.
Supper-(S) Smoked sausage,saur kraut,cheese and ranch bacon mayo on a low carb wrap.
Snack- 1 TB peanut butter
Dessert- Coffee with cream and Redi-Whip and peanut butter pudding (with Redi-Whip!)

It feels like SUCH an acccomplishment to go to bed at night KNOWING that I had a perfect day!

I am aiming for another one today!

I did not exercise yesterday which wasn't good but I will be doing a GOOD workout today for sure! We tore into our basement yesterday and organized ALL of the clothes! That is SUCH a relief to have that done! Today we will be doing a lot of planting in the garden,that will give me some extra exercise!

Have a great day today!


  1. Doing great, Angie! Keep up the good work!

    And... aren't you getting annoyed at the advertising comments? :)

    I thought you could use a comment from a real person. :)

  2. Oh yes, I forgot, I'm AmandaB from momys