Friday, May 24, 2013

Another great yesterday AND today!

I am updating my food for yesterday AND today cause today is over and I just got done eating my last thing! LOL Plus,I won't have to fit in updating tomorrow...Except for my weight. I will hop on to post my weight.......And maybe a bellly picture if I have time!

Pre-pregnancy weight-187
Yesterday's weight- 196.4
Today's weight- 196.4

Not down but not up!

Yesterday's food!

Breakfast- (S)Egg wrap with cheese/racnch on a low carb tortilla.
Lunch- (S) Chicken peanut salad
Snack- 1 TB peanutbutter and 1 lemon muffin w/cream cheese frosting
Supper- Mashed cauliflower with butter/cheese/bacon bits and one low carb quesadilla (cheese)
Dessert- Tiny bit of chocolate mousse........It was ok. I ended up having 2 small drinks of dh's milk shake LOL. It was so delicious! LOL

Did a killer 10 minute full body exercise and I am sore today!!! :)

I did NOT repeat the circuit at the end 2-3 times like she said! LOL Not with being pregnant. I definitley will though after this baby is born! (CAN you believe I will be 24 weeks on WED?)

Today's food!
Breakfast- Egg wrap like the day before!
Snack while visiting dh at work and taking him lunch- 1.5 servings of cashews,1/8 of a Glazer doughnut (dh forced me), a couple drinks of cappuccino.1 cheese stick.
Lunch -(3:30) 1.5 recipes of Cottage Berry Whip
Supper-FP meat wrap w/ Laughing Cow Wedge.......1 portobella mushroom stuffed with cream cheese/cheese/bacon bits etc. I did have 2-3 Sun chips and about 1 tsp of regular honey mustard on my wrap.

Dessert- Cottage Berry Fluff! LOL

Cottage Berry Fluff

1/2 cup cottage cheese
1/2 cup frozen strawberries
stevia to taste

Blend all together until fluffy.

That is the recipe out of the THM book but I always add vanilla to mine and top with a little Fat Free Redi-Whip! This stuff is AMAZING!!!!!!! AND it is a FUEL PULL!!!!!


My meal plan for the next few days!

Tomorrow (SAT and DATE NIGHT)-

Breakfast- Cottage Berry Whip

Lunch-Loaded Fotato Soup
Snack-Smoothie with lots of coconut oil (not sure what kind yet).
Supper- (NOT THM LOL) Nachos (loaded),Chocolate mousse pie,NORMAL sugar coffee and some other yummy snack....Not sure what yet.


Breakfast-FP Lemon Meringue Greek yogurt
Lunch-Cheesy asparagus (on my timeline) and 3-4 oz grilled chicken
Snack-Peanut butter skinny chocolate with nuts
Supper-FP salad
Dessert- I am leaving this open but it WILL be on plan!


Breakfast- E pancakes with strawberries/greek yogurt/Redi-Whip
Lunch-Cabbage/grilled chicken/teeny bit of p butter and braggs/cayenne

Snack- Leaving it open but ON PLAN
Supper- Ground beef alfredo over broccoli
Dessert- Whatever I am in the mood for this FP!

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