Thursday, May 2, 2013


My weight is STILL the same today........

Starting pregnancy weight 187
Weight today 193.4

Grrrrrrrr It is my fault though. It is UP because of cheating! If I was doing GREAT and it went up,that would be a different story but that wasn't what happened! Oh well,it is what I get! Here's hoping that tomorrow it will be down!

I changed my exercise since yesterday! I am getting tired of doing one hour at once. It is starting to bore me and when I start to get bored,I need a change! It is SO important for *ME* that I don't get bored!

It isn't so much the exercise that bothers me either,it is taking the whole HOUR when there is so much to do. I put it off and put it off!

Not to mention that I think short and intense is the way to go! Soooooo

Eat breakfast (Either an E or an S with coconut oil for energy) and then 1 hour later I will choose from my list of workouts. 10-20 min intense workout. I will drink a protein drink right afterwards (doing that now).

Lunch will be the same routine except I probably won't be eating E, but the S with coconut oil.

Then in the evenings I will do some warm-up ,stretching and deep squats.

I just started yesterday but it was SO nice and I really put my ALL into it KNOWING that instead of working out for an hour,I only have 10-20 minutes.

On the days that I do my Baby Bells workout I will skip the lunch workout because Baby Bells is 35 min long.

I am SORE from yesterday so the amount of exercise I did must have been GOOD! :)

Today I did:

Later today I will be doing:
(This one is not very modest and I don't do it in front of the boys.)


I don't feel like remembering what I ate yesterday but I did EXCELLENT all day except for the 1/2 cup milk shake that I had when I made them for everyone else last night.

I am going to start writing everything down on PAPER from now on so I can just copy it onto here. I am starting that today! It will make the food journal thing much easier!

I think I will go back to posting TODAY'S food TODAY before it is eaten. Then if something changes,I will update that the next day. I like having a plan for the day so writing everything down ahead of time will help!

Breakfast-Yogurt/pineapple/granola/protein powder. (Protein drink after workout)
Lunch- Tuna/green peppers/cottage cheese (Protein drink after lunch)
Snack-1/2 cup gluc pudding with Redi-Whip
Supper- Cheese quesadilla/large salad with ranch dressing (NOT a ton)
Dessert- Skinny chocolate sprinkled with walnuts and stevia sweetened coffee topped with Redi-Whip

We are having a date night tonight so the chocolate and coffee will be perfect! :)

My family will be having lentils for lunch w/ various toppings and Scott will be having quesadillas and salad with my with the addition of some HM garlic cheese french bread that I am going to make today.

I will probably make him some frosted brownies for dessert.

Well,that's all! I am going to have a GREAT day today!

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