Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Great day!!!!

Yesterday I was dreading stepping on the scale because Monday night was my sister's special night up late with Scott and I and we had HM blizzards lol I had a pint jar (loaded with Butterfinger pieces!) and then a few drinks of my husbands.(IT TASTED SOOOOOOOOO good!) I had eaten EXCELLENT all day and did not feel bad at ALL *but* later,I was trying to keep myself awake because my sister wanted to play on the Wii with me for a while and I ate.........Are you ready for this? ANOTHER *KING* size candybar! lol

I was bummed in the morning but thankfully my weight had not gone up! I missed exercise yesterday because of a hectic day but ate great today.........This morning I was at 206.0 !!!! My goal was to see that 205 number tomorrow and I think I might make it!!!!!!!!!! I have done great today and just got done lifting weights too.........Worked a bunch in the garden and will be doing more.

Today I did: (I did the whole routine twice.)

Dumbell rows (15 with 15 lb weights)
Dumbell chest pressses (15 with 15 lb weights)
Tricep kick backs (15 with 15 lb weights)
Dips (15)
Shoulder lifts (15 lifting ONE 15 lb dumbell up front)
Lateral raises (15 using 5 lb weights)

My lower back started hurting with the dumbell rows when I was almost done with the first set.When I got back to them again,I got to 13 and something pulled in my back.I did a few extra chest presses to make up for it and then skipped the tricep kick backs and did dips instead.When I was done at the end with the lateral raises I did ANOTHER 15 dips!!!!!! That is 45 dips total! Wow are those hard! I am good and sore!! lol The thing is....I was still sore from MONDAY'S workout!!!! Just HOLDING those 20 lb dumbells during the leg strengthening KILLS my arms/shoulders.......Just ALL of those muscles including my back between my shoulder blades.I have muscles hurting that I didn't even know existed! lol

It feels GREAT!!!!!!

Tomorrow is Billy Blanks!

Oh and you know that I can't keep my blog one design for too long..........:):):)

If I am at 205 tomorrow...................I will be SOOOOO happy!!!!!!!!! That is only FIVE pounds away from 200!!!!!! I am SO going to celebrate when I reach 199!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I might even cry! (GOOD TEARS!) I have had to work so hard to get this weight off but boy does it feel good.

Well,I am off for now!!!!!!!

Oh.........I am NOT doing good at body brushing! I REALLY need to do better at this so I am determined to keep trying to make it a regular part of my routine.I will keep tryingt! Bye for now!

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