Friday, June 1, 2012


Heading into another weekend! I am going to log into MFP every day this weekend and do my BEST to not have my weight go up!!

Yesterday was cardio and we did 30 min of intense Billy Blanks.

Today is lower body weights. I am looking forward to it!

I am amazed,but not overwhelmed at the amount of weight I have to lose! I was thinking about it yesterday and wow........I still have 80....EIGHTY....pounds to lose! It is so much but on the other hand,I know it is very possible and I *AM* going to do it.

Everytime I see a new number on the scale it makes me want to cry(with JOY of course!).It is such an excellent feeling.One pound at a time......To never return.

Some of my shirts I have just been not liking lately.They just seemed to HANG and it finally hit me! THEY ARE TOO BIG!!!! I had so much fun throwing them away.......

I can squeeze into 2 of my size 14 skirts.......My bigger skirts are all getting loose.

Well,I am off for now.I have so much to do today!!!


  1. I had to move buttons on my dresses when I had that inch loss a while back. It felt SO good! Looking at your progress over on the sidebar is so motivating! You're doing really great!

  2. What a good feeling to be able to go down a size, or to even have things become looser on you. I was noticing my size 18 skirts getting looser. We'll see if that remains after this week of sitting it out. (Although since I'm not eating much...) Guess we'll have to go shopping again when I am out there. You have such great second-hand stores. :)

    I'm really getting frustrated reading your blogs this week. I do not like this sitting around thing ONE BIT. I keep having to fight the panic that I'm going to fall behind. But... at the same time... I know you are a great motivator in getting me back on track. Even if I'm still sore on Monday I want to at least give weights a try. Today, I am going to try to do some gentle walking and see if I can make it through one mile. (Of course, I'll stop if there is any pain... but I'm talking about VERY gentle walking... LOL!)

    I know you mean by realizing the weight you still have to loose... but being motivated by it and not discouraged. Keep up the good work. I'm expecting a great weekend from you. :)