Friday, June 15, 2012

Lower body


The girls and I have decided to do a 10 minute Billy Blanks workout to start out each day!We LOVE his dvd that has 8-10 minute workouts! FUN FUN FUN!! KILLER though! lol He does one set with a chair and it is REALLY neat....Anyhow,I think that will be a good way to be my metabolism revved up each day!

Wall squats (30 seconds each-3)
Step ups (12)
Squats (12)
Lunges (12)
Calf raises (5 seconds each-12)
Lateral Step ups (12)

I am motivated and ready to get beneath 200 within 2 weeks! That is my GOAL! I am logging every day at MFP,sticking with my exercise,lots of water,good sleep,not eating late,counting carbs..........

I think I can can reach that goal!!! That is only 6-7 lbs in 2 weeks.Doable!!!!

Well,I have tons to do......

BTW Nataly I KNOW that I am pathetic for not logging in for 30 days like I said!!! You amaze me with your faithfulness of logging......I am always trying to do better at STICKING WITH THINGS.

Oh well,I may chance my methods around alot but I AM proud of myself for sticking with getting into shape! I am not quitting......


  1. Angie!!! I was KIDDING!! You are one super-busy mamma!

  2. I enjoyed reading your update. The 10 minute workouts are a really good idea... I may have to borrow! :) I am LOOKING FORWARD to finding you report that you are below 200 in two weeks. :)

  3. Wow...reading your blogspot is inspiring! Keep it up! See you around MFP...and MOMYS, too!