Sunday, June 24, 2012

I did GREAT.........

Over my dh's birthday!!!!!

I am so proud of myself......I did SO good.I didn't keep track because it was my free day but I did EXCELLENT!

Then this morning we obviously have SOOOOO much cheesecake leftover and I wanted some SO BAD and I didn't have ANY.I had a little bit of cottage cheese,bacon and 1 eggs instead.Lots of water today too and a little exercise! (WATER fight with dh and children.)

It has been a great day and tonight we are having a date night so I am saving my treat for then.For now I am going to go clean up......

I am SO hoping for a good weigh in on Thursday! I am hitting the working out HARD starting tomorrow.......Low carb too,lots of water and not eating late! I cant wait to see what the scales say on Thursday!

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