Sunday, June 10, 2012

Go with the flo or go against the flo?

There are SOOOO many things in this life that are considered the "norm".

According to the world/society/general public I should expect.........

The passion to be all but gone out of my marriage after a few babies.
To have very little time with my husband if I have several children.
To be sleep deprived and exhausted if I have a baby.
To be overwhelmed and stressed if I have several children.
The terrible two's.
My children to get angry and tell me they hate me and such at times.
To have rebellious teens who don't listen to a word I say.
To start getting aches and pains in my 30's-40's.
To be overweight with declining health in my 50's-60's.
To be unactive and stiff in my old age.
To be impatient with children in my old age.
To have no sex life by the time I am 50.

Those are just a *few* of the things I have been told to expect in this life.

I have not hesitated in the past to go against the flo and I am going to do it again.

I refuse to believe that I have to be unfit just because I have had lots of babies and hope to continue having babies.

I refuse to believe that I have to feel as bad physically as I get older as most  people do.

Everyone likes to tell me "You just wait" . That is what they told us when our first was a baby."You just wait until you hit the terrible twos....." Then it was "Well you wait until they get to be teens."

I refuse to expect things like that.Things that I believe DON'T have to happen if you are willing to WORK so that they don't happen!

The article below is about sex drive lol but it is EXCELLENT and  I believe that the same moral applies to ALL areas of life! If you expect it,it will almost ALWAYS happen.

Hey..........If ONE person can do it............:):):):)

Why can't I????????????


I did good over the weekend and I am REALLY hoping to see a loss on Thursday!!!!! We shall see!

I am going to give the "Organs In Place" and the "Half Frogs" from T-Tapp a go and see if I can tell a difference.Everyday for a month? Will that be long enough to see Nataly?

I also have tweaked my schedule a little so that I cna FOR SURE fit my body brushing and shower in in the AM right after exercise.That excites me!!

Well I am going to go for tonight!!! I hope to see some updates from you all soon!

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