Friday, June 22, 2012

Me again!

Thought I would get in one last post before the weekend!

My weight had gone up a few lbs and that was depressing but it is going down again and FAST with me eating so excellent and I am thrilled! I KNOW that I am going to be hitting 205 soon and hopefully drop into the 100's soon too! I am NOT binging over the weekend!SAT is my free day but I still want to eat exellent until the evening.I will be having dh's birthday party then so no more keeping track of what I eat once that starts.

Billy Blanks today for 30 minutes.....(Express) and I have SOOOOOOOOOOO much to do so I will be busy burning calories all day today!!!!

Family night tonight and I will be having a SMALL treat.

My most recent exercise and eating plans/goals.......Yuo know I have to keep changing things cause I get bored.:)

Continue with the low carb/high protein and I want to make sure to add more veggies.
Start every day except for Sunday with a 10 minute Billy Blanks Express session.
Eat supper by 6:00 and get some FUN exercise in after supper.(Boxing/jump-roping whatever)
1 SMALL treat a day.
Lots of water in the evening after supper.
Saturday is cheat day.NO guilt.I do want to try and still do semi-good all day though most Saturdays.

MONDAYS- Insane Abs
TUESDAYS-UPPER body w/ weights (Pushups,dips,tricep kickbacks,lateral arm raises,bicep curls,chest y's,chest presses)
WEDNESDAYS-BOXING peak 8 (I will explain below)
THURSDAYS-LOWER body w/weights (Step-ups,wall squats,lunges,squats)
FRIDAYS-Level 3-30 Day Shred

Peak 8 with boxing........Us 4 girls take turns.30 seconds punching the bag as fast and as hard as you can (only one punch per 30 sec turn meaning.......ALL jabs or ALL uppercuts etc.) and then break for 90 seconds.

We will do 8 sets for arms and then 8 for legs.(Kicking as fast and as hard as you can.)

It is HARD and FUN!!!!!!!!!!

I had the most WONDERFUL thing said to me by my WONDERFUL dh today! :):)

He told me that last night when he put his hands on my waist he couldn't believe how much smaller it was!!!!!! HORRAY!!

Well I am off ! Keep it up ladies!!!

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  1. Keep up the good work!!!! I keep thinking about you and telling myself that if you can do it, I can surely do it too!

    I haven't been walking or exercising lately, but I have been getting in walking while I go get the cow for milking, mucking out calf pens and that was heavy work, plus gardening. :) I'm not jsut sitting on the couch all day! I'm up and "running", but I really need to MAKE time to exercise, I have only 10 pounds to lose, but that seems like a 100 to me. sigh...

    Anyway, you inspire me!