Thursday, June 21, 2012

Doing GREAT!

I did great yesterday and today (so far) with eating/drinking! PERFECT days! My weight *had* gone up a few lbs over the last week but it was down 2 lbs again today and hopefully it will be down again tomorrow and just KEEP on dropping! :)

Yesterday I did not do my official exercise and I am not going to today either.I am EXTRA busy because of company coming,tons of gardening and my dh's 40th birthday!

Yesterday I DID do alot of boxing,jumping on the trampoline,jump-roping and cartwheels ! lol It was great!

Several months ago I went outside to show my daughters and sister how to do a cart wheel.I was just assuming that I would do one as perfect as I used to........Guess what? I couldn't even do one.I felt like my arms couldn't hold my weight.

Last night I could do them pretty much perfect and WAY better than the young,fit girls! I was THRILLED!!!!

Well I just wanted to update quickly.....Off to drink some water,clean and wait for dh to get home!

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  1. Lol! I never could do cartwheels...maybe I WILL soon! :D

    I DID workout yesterday and today...and I am doing the new plan that I told you about. I'll update my blog later though. We spent the day getting the new office set up and I've gotta run. ;) Supper, then a birthday party.

    KEEP IT UP! You're doing GREAT!