Thursday, June 14, 2012

Blah and good too......

The blah is that I have too many birthdays going on with too much junk around AND I can't just blame it on the birthdays either.I have been eating more junk food than normal.I had no loss this week.It was TOTALLY my fault.I just can't seem to keep those carbs down as far as I need to keep them! I will do FANTASTIC all day and then blow it at night.

The GOOD is that when I do blow it it still doesn't put me super high on my daily carbs because I am doing so well with most food choices.It puts me too high to lose or atleast to lose very much.I want to lose 2lbs a week (average) and I need to cut out more to do that.

I did exercise most days this week and that REALLY keeps me encouraged!

Monday we did Insane Abs
Tuesday Peak 8
WED nothing
Today 1/2 hr Billy Blanks Taebo stuff

I have been SORE most of the week!!!

That means my body *IS* changing!!!! That is GREAT!

Here is to another week and LOSS next Thursday!!!!!!!

Oh and I did get a couple sessions of body brushing in this week too.Or maybe only one.....I forget lol.

Organs in place I only did once.Bad girl.I have a memory problem.I want to make a list of things to remember every day.

I know that you MOMYS of many can for SURE relate to having to remember sooooooooooooooooo many things!!!!!

Well I am off to dig some raspberry plants that my Amish neighbor is giving me.She gave me a bunch of stuff last week and wants to give me more this week.She also wants to take me a tour of her house to see all of her house plants! lol Last week she showed me her entire yard and dug me this and that......Actually,she had ME dig this and that lol.

She is a talker.....Mother of 10.Most of whom are grown.I loved her! (I just met her that day!)

Well,off I go!

Those who are friends with me on MFP I am going to risk making a fool of myself and say my goal out loud lol.


I am actually having a hard time remembering my water lately because I am so busy.

HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE!!!!!!! I NEED to get these carbs down even more!


  1. I'm gonna hold you to it. LOL! You stood me up! We were supposed to be logging for 30 days. :D

  2. Oh, and I can hardly remember brushing either!! And I missed TWO WHOLE DAYS of exercising. Bah!