Monday, June 4, 2012

Update after the weekend!

I am at my LOWEST weight this morning AFTER the weekend (AND a birthday!) !

206.8 !!!!!

I am thrilled!!!!!

1.5 lbs and I will be at 25 lbs lost.

2.5 lbs and I will be at my second goal.

7.5 lbs and I will be OUT of the 200's!!!!!!!!

Getting closer and closer all the time!

I did not do good with weights last week at all.We were off schedule and wow.......It just didn't get done.That is NOT happening this week.I did get alot of exercise in last week but just not the right kind!

So today I am starting with lower body weight training.

I am REALLY hoping to be at 205 by Thursday!!!!!! (Weigh in day) That would be just WONDERFUL!

Looking very forward to hearing from everyone else!


  1. Great Job on the weekend! I am SO proud of you! I know that must feel good, too! :)

    If you didn't already... tell P that our family all wished her a happy birthday. (I told Scott to do that for me when he called for Jared, but you know how men sometimes don't remember those kinds of things! LOL!)

    I, too, am looking forward to you being at (or below) 205 on Thursday. That would be SUPER! But, if it doesn't happen, and you are working hard this week... that will *STILL* be SUPER! :)

    Stay on top of the weights this week if you can... I know it helps... and so do you! :)

  2. Wow!! You did GREAT over the weekend!! :D