Friday, January 4, 2013


Food log for today

Breakfast- Leftover cheeseburger pie,2 eggs and one light/white muffin. (S)
Lunch-Big Boy smoothie w/ a slice of frozen cheesecake added in. (S)
Snack-? Some kind of Fuel Pull
Supper-Chicken salad (E)
Dessert-Mouth Watering Meringues (FP)
Snack-Greek pudding (FP)

Yesterday we did not end up having the "Like Wheat Thins".I hope to try them soon.We also had the meringues that have the nuts and coconut added to them instead of the "Mouth Watering Meringues".

I took my meringue cookies and added cheesecake on top of them and put a few crumbles of super dark chocolate on top of that! Delicious!

The avacado pudding? I made that last night.......Dh said it was disgusting. I say it is OK.I am about to find out what my boys think lol. I am HOPING they will want to eat it! lol BRB

DS 7? Nope lol
DS 5? He says YES. We will see if he eats any later lol.My children have a habit of saying "Yes Mamma it is good!" (Because they don't want to hurt my feelings.) Me'"Do you want some more???" Them "No thank you!" lol
DS 3? He is at the table eating it lol.

DS 14?

The Light,White muffins are DELICIOUS!!!!!!!

The Cheeseburger pie is DELICIOUS! We had it with a big salad last night. Asbolutely excellent!

I have my sour dough starter going. I have done it before and it didn't work out very well. I am REALLY hoping that it works this time! This is day 3 soooooooo

My dh brought home a Symphone bar last night and said that it was "For us to eat together...." lol. I was fully prepared to eat some if I had to (and enjoy it) but he ended up eating the brownies that I made him instead! lol (REGULAR brownies!)  So I didn't have to cheat! I did NOT want to cheat and I was NOT craving the chocolate BUT if he did want to eat it last night I was going to eat it and enjoy it. He will NOT like my new way of eating if it means that he can't bring me chocolate! :) (He doesn't do it often enough to be a problem.)

It is still sitting up there by the coffee pot lol. We probably WILL eat it tonight. We will see! :)

I am very much looking forward to making a bulk order for a bunch of grains/nuts/coconut oil/protein powder/glucamannan etc. soon as we get the money! I did find some GLUC from my local co-op.It cost an arm and a leg but I had to try it. I am using it very sparingly. I also have protein  powder that I LOVE that I get locally but it is too expensive to use often.

Exercise today will be...........


I already did my morning body brushing/bath/olive oil rub. I am feeling GREAT!

I am sort of nervous though.....IS this REALLY going to work? Will I really be down in weight next THursday?

I was 189.4 yesterday at weigh in. I forgot to post that.

I would be ecstatic if I were 187.4 or actually 187. ANYTHING lol next Thursday!

Well,I guess that is all for now!


  1. The cheeseburger pie was the first recipe we tried - we ALL loved it!! I ate my leftovers for breakfast too. Lol!

    I'm moving SLOOOOOW today. I'll get around to posting soon. ;)

  2. I can wait to try some of these recipes. Are there many "strange" ingredients? I would kind of like to know what I should have on hand so I don't get my book and be totally unprepared!

  3. Grace,there are not many strange ingredients.....I will post in a different post the things that *I* love having around.