Thursday, January 3, 2013


Yesterday's food

Breakfast- 2 protein muffins

Lunch-Handful of pork rinds and cheese

Snack-Walnuts with peanut-butter/sunflower/coconut oil dip

Supper-Chicken/veggie soup w/cheese,sundried tomatoes and sour cream

Dessert-Coconut divines/peanut butter/chocolate fudge

Evening fuel pull-Cottage berry whip

Delicious day! :) I made real chocolate chip cookies for the men/boys of the house. I took my dh a big bite of cookie dough and he paused for a moment and said.........."Is this REAL cookie dough?" I said "YES" and he said "Thank you so much!!!!" lol He raved about them all evening AND today lol. I reassured him AGAIN that he would still be getting all of his regular desserts and that I was NOT going to try to get him to eat STEVIA desserts unless he LIKED them! lol He samples everything for me and is a really good sport about THAT lol. The other day I just HAD to try to put the Truvia in his coffee without telling him lol. I wanted a TOTALLY unbiased opinion. I had another cup ready and waiting for him lol. He took one sip and immediately I heard him say "Mamma..............." lol  For the most part he hates Truvia so far lol.

But he is in EXCELLENT physical condition so he doesn't need to like it! :) He eats very healthy for the most part. He does love his sugar though! (I don't know if I mentioned that I AM going to continue on with my FREE date nights where we can both enjoy whatever desserts we want. UNLESS I am not losing fast enough,then I might have to change that but we will see!)

Today's food

Breakfast- Healthy and Trim pancakes with skinny belly jelly (and a TAD of Readi-Whip)

Lunch-Loaded fotato soup

Snack-Just like Wheat Thins

Supper-Cheeseburger pie

Dessert-Cheesecake with leftover fudge

Fuel Pull-(If we need it) Mouth Watering Meringues


I skipped the SPEW today because I do not want to come to hate it lol. I get SO bored with the same workouts everyday. I will probably hit the SPEW 2-3 times a week.

Today we did 10 min of a hard BIGGEST LOSER dvd

Then this hard arm workout with weights.

Then finally......

We did each one hard and BACK TO BACK with no resting.

Quite an intense workout!!!!!!

Off to eat lunch now!! See you tomorrow!

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  1. LOL about the coffee! Joe HATES stevia. I'm planning on buying the NuNaturals stuff and seeing what he thinks...I just use the bitter stuff for myself and I'm ok with it...but I know I'll like it better without the bitter taste.

    I promised Joe that I wouldn't take away his treats either. I was just THRILLED that he said ok to letting me try this for ME.

    I'm planning on upper body strength training on M,W,F with a 10 min cardio workout and lower body on T,Th,S qith a 10 min cardio workout when necessary. The Spew can fit in there whenever it pleases and I'll drop the cardio on those days. ;)