Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What we have tried.......

My food log from yesterday.......Hmmmm I forgot to write it down lol. I hope I can remember!

Breakfast-Low carb tortilla w/ turkey breast and honey mustard sauce.(E)
Lunch-hmmmmmm I can't REMEMBER!
Snack-Skinny chocolate
Supper- Sauteed cauliflower/broc with cottage cheese/sun dried tomatoes +olive oil (S)
Dessert- Peanut butter squares (S)

DELICIOUS food!!!!!!

Ok.......Some actual recipes we have tried out of the Trim Healthy Mama cookbook.

Savory Protein Muffins (221) DELICIOUS!
Cookie Bowl Oatmeal (232) OK
Fat Stripping Frappa (240) DELICIOUS!!!!!
Big Boy Smoothie(242) DELICIOUS!!!
Easy Peazy Cinammon Muffins (262) OK but the girls and I agreed that we wouldn't waste our Truvia on that again!
Fooled Ya Pizza (276) Delicious!!!!!!
Choco Pudding (366) Really good!!!!
Lemon Mousse (367) OK
Skinny Chocolate (371) Absolutely WONDERFUL!
Peanut Squares (377) DELICIOUS! Tastes JUST like Peanutbutter PIE! Even my dh said it was GOOD!
Ricotta Creme (378) OK
Cottage Berry Whip (379) DELICIOUS!
Mini chocolate cakes for Purists (382) DELICIOUS! We topped them with a peanut butter frosting.
Fridge Fudge (402) NOT very good! lol My dh was DISGUSTED at this stuff! lol He said it tasted like DIRT/HORRIBLE! lol Us girls didn't think it was THAT bad! lol
Party Salmon Dip (403) DELICIOUS!
Honey Mustard Dressing (412) Excellent!
Earth Milk- GROSE!


  1. Lol about the Earth Milk again. That one is NOT very high on my want to try list. :D

  2. Good!!!!! lol We won't be making it again,atleast not for a while ! lol

  3. My thoughts when I read it were just "YUCK!" lol

  4. I am so happy to have found your blog! I am just starting THM and have lost 7 pounds in about 2 1/2 weeks. :) I don't plan on trying earth milk either! ;) I love your review of the different recipes and seeing your progress. Thanks for sharing this journey with us. By any chance are you part of the facebook group for THM? Or the pregnancy and nursing one? They have so much information on there and Pearl checks in daily. It's kinda neat to be able to have one of the authors answer your questions! Thank you again for all your advice!