Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday and the best "S" salad.

I just HAVE to tell you about this salad we have been making.

Lettuce,cauliflower,sun-dried tomatoes (not too many),almonds,cheese,baked dark meat torn into pieces (WITH SKIN),cottage cheese,bacon bits,olive oil,braggs and a little bit of ranch dressing.

This flavor combination is just unbelievably excellent lol. I could eat it and eat it.You have to try it!!!

Today my sour dough starter is ready! I can't wait to make the bread. I have attempted sour dough bread a few times before but never liked it.In fact,it tasted rotten/horrible/nasty lol. I KNOW that sourdough bread does NOT taste like that so I am REALLY hoping that I just did it wrong and that it is going to be delicious! I am determined to like it lol.

Today's FOOD

Breakfast-1 peanut butter cookie lol +2 eggs fried in coconut oil,sauteed cauliflower topped with cheese.
Snack- Fat Blasting Frappa
Lunch-Fuel Pull Salad
Snack-Home made chocolate
Supper-Trim Healthy Pancakes (Gonna try these on dh too!)
Dessert/Snack-Just like Wheat Thins and some kind of yummy smoothie.

I keep not getting to make the "Just Like Wheat Thins" crackers. I hope I get to it tonight!

I am SORE from the Kettle Bell workout.Not TERRIBLY sore but my legs ARE sore! I am happy!
Today I am going to do this one.......(BTW I dot believe that is the same guy in the pics nor do I believe you can get in that kind of shape in 3 months!lol)


Well,I think that is it for now! Have a great day everyone!!!! My ds (7) just brought me my breakfast that he made HIMSELF! :)He is so proud!

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