Friday, January 11, 2013

Sorry I missed a couple of days!

Now I have tooooooooo much to say!! lol

I was not down to the 187's yesterday........

But I was today :)


I am thrilled about that!

I made the "Tummy Tucking Ice Cream".It was DELICIOUS but next time I will use ALL cream.No almond milk. I would havther only eat it in an S setting then have it be icy. The flavor was wonderful (I made chocolate/walnut) but I want it creamier.....And I have PLENTY of cream soooooooo:).

Swansons Vitamins is an excellent place to order from! I got my order sooooooooo fast!

NuNaturals Stevia is..............UNbelievable. No more Truvia buying for me lol .NuNaturals has NO aftertaste. Truvia is good but it has an aftertaste sometimes that I do NOT like. NuNaturals is just amazing and I am so excited about it!!

I got my chlorophyll and cod liver oil........I even got my (nasty) red wine! (But not from Swansons lol.)

I got so sore from the kettle bell that I took a break.I am in love with it though. It is different,fun and boy does it EVER get your core!!!!!! I can't believe it! My abs were SO sore! (Along with my legs,shoulders and just everything! lol)

I did the SPEW all the way through!!!!!! And that was even AFTER I finished a kettle bell workout! I just kept going even though I was on fire. I wanted SO bad to be able to report on my blog that I did it! lol

We made the "Special Occasion Chocolate Cake" (which is actually not a chocolate cake.....It calls for chocolate frosting though.)

It was not a cake IMO lol. I think it would be a great substitution for corn bread and it was OK tasting but it just didn't taste like a cake.

We made lemon AND mint pudding! Very good!

I made HM Almond Joys by layering skinny chocolate in a muffin pan with a coconut/almond/coconut oil/sweetener/vanilla/salt in the middle.FANTASTIC!!!!!! (AND beautiful!)

Food log for today

Breakfast-Egg white omelets
Snack-Gluc pudding
Lunch-Pancakes w/ greek yogurt and strawberries
Supper-Pan bread sandwiches. (Deli meat,laughing cow,veggies)
Dessert- Peanut butter cookies w/ dark espresso chocolate chunks

The dark chocolate is just one of our favorite candy bars from the local co-op. Organic,72% with espresso beans. There won't be a ton of it in the cookies but it is going to be SO good!

We are doing E all day today except for dessert.It is family night tonight. The rest of the family will be having regular peanut butter cookies.

hmmmmmmmm well I really should sign off for now. OH!

Tomorrow's breakfast sounds sooooooooo delicious!! Greek yogurt w/ S granola! I am off to make it now. I can't wait to try it!!!!!


  1. Jumped over here from the THM forum. DId you know there is a mistake in the book, and you are actually supposed to add 1/2 cup cocoa to it. I can't remember where I read it, but Serene and Pearl did a post on it, and I jotted it down in the book. (Maybe on facebook?) Anyway, thought I'd let you know!