Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Amazing milk shakes!!!!!

We are AMAZED at the milk shakes we have been drinking!

Almond milk
Cream cheese
Protein powder

I blend everything together REALLY well and then slowly add enough ice (while the blender is running) to make it thicker and frozen but not so much that it makes it ICY instead of creamy.

Last night we added peanut butter.

These are really unbelievable!!!!! They are *S* of course and they make such a delicious dessert!

Todays food log

Breakfast- Brussel sprouts,mushrooms,onions sauteed in butter along with eggs and 1/2 piece sprouted toast
Lunch-FP smoothie and a lemon cheesecake dessert that Abigail made up
Supper- Sausage sandwiches with oopsie rolls.(The rest of the family will have sausage stir fry w/ rice)
Dessert-Skinny chocolate with peanuts or maybe the nut slab? Not sure yet

I did not step on the scales this morning! lol

I am sore from exercise yesterday which actually feels GREAT!

I am also motivated to exercise again! That was quick! I was UNmotivated yesterday but it only took actually DOING it and then listening to some good music to get me rolling again! lol

We WERE going to do 30 DAY SHRED but changed our minds because we love dancing too much. SOOOO we are going to dance today WITH weights lol. That will help make it intense!

Hmmmmmm what else?

I am almost CERTAIN I had my first experience with nausea yesterday. I am not even 6 weeks but I was emptying scraps and I felt that sick feeling that I ONLY get in pregnancy.

I am very excited about being able to use protein powder in this pregnancy. I always crave juicy fruit.....Like CRAZY. It is very hard for me to get enough protein because I just get so sick at the thought of it. Then I feel WORSE.

So Big boy type smoothies w/ protein powder sound SO wonderful!!!!!! Maybe I will be able to NOT be as sick ! I am excited!

Well,I am off!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Oh I have to try those milk shakes. I love milkshakes. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Trying this...NOW! :D

    I like the new layout. Nice. :)