Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years day!!!!!

Here's to a brand New year!

Last year,on of my resolutions was to get FIT. Well,this NewYears day finds me 40 pounds lighter than last NewYears day and also a lot stronger. I am proud of myself for sticking with it.I have never done that before but as I have said all through this last year,this is a LIFE change for me,not just a "diet".

BUT........I wanted to be down MORE than 40 lbs by now! I am HAPPY with 40 lbs but I wanted to lose a whole lot more.

I am convinced that SUGAR has been the culprit in making me lose SO slowly. I have just been keeping it in my life tooooooooo much. So for now,until I am at my GOAL,bye bye sugar *except* for date nights. I need to have that one day a week that I can eat what I want.

I am devoting this next year to trying the "Trim Healthy Mama" way of eating. I do NOT want to quit after a month or two. I want to give it a REAL go and see what happens.That is what I am planning.

I fully expect to have baby #8 on the way sometime in the next year((IF the Lord should see fit to bless us.) and that is OK because I can continue my plan WHILE pregnant! IF I should become pregnant,I will continue to eat right and workout and hopefully,end the pregnancy in a whole lot better shape than I started.

Only 10 more lbs until I am HALF way done with my weight loss.

I really can't believe that I had to lose 100 lbs at the beginning!!!

60 pounds to lose doesn't seem nearly as long of a road to travel as 100 lbs did.

I am doing GREAT with the body brushing BTW.

I also plan on logging my food here as much as I can.I will start tomorrow.

Bye for now!!!

If you are going to blog with me "Trim and Healthy Mama" style please leave me your blog link so I can add it to my side bar! I would love some buddies!!!!!!!


  1. Hey! I made the cut on the blog list! LOL!

  2. lol You must feel REALLY special! lol

  3. Haha!! I guess I just did the bare minimum required to hang in there. ;)