Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sick of seeing the same numbers!!!! lol

I have done so ridiculously well for the last 3 weeks and my weight just WILL NOT budge!

I know that I am pregnant and all but with the sugar and other carbs that I have cut out of my diet I can't BELIEVE that I would not lose weight.

I am getting SICK of stepping on the scales and seeing the same number! lol

SO,I have decided to only weigh in once a week. Thursdays. Only for now! I am definitely a "weigh yourself everyday" person and I especially want to watch my weight VERY closely when I hit my weight gaining point in this pregnancy but for now,once a week it is!

Maybe my body just has to adjust,I don't know.Or maybe I AM losing fat but am retaining water. I do feel bloated a lot.I want to measure myself and see.Ok......I measured myself and that was depressing lol. NO inch loss.

I am going to fit more Fuel Pulls in and try to eat more E meals.

Maybe the fact that I am having the HARDEST time jumping back into my exercise routine. I stopped when I got my cycle in December and then there was Christmas,we had company,then I found out I was pregnant etc. etc. I HAVE exercised,but NOT like I should be! I am determined to finish this week like I should! 30 min every day MON-FRI. No,I didn't exercise yesterday. I got caught up in a cleaning spree and could NOT stop lol.

Today's food log

Breakfast-Egg whites w/ parmeasean cheese, 1 piece of sprouted toast w/ 1 tsp butter
Lunch-Bean and  turkey ham wraps (low carb tortillas) I will eat 2. They are really small.
Supper-Some kind of *S* salad.
Dessert-Vanilla yogurt w/ peanut butter granola

If I need it? Big boy smoothie or some GLUC choc pudding. I may also have some coffee w/ dh tonight.We stay up together on Tuesday nights and get a Bible study together for the study that we have with our older children on WED nights. We usually have coffee and some kind of dessert sooooooo.

I have not logged my food here like I wanted to but I promise that I am doing the plan every day (except for SAT) just about 100%! Even on Saturdays I am cheating MUCH  less than I was. I am still sticking to plan in SO many ways.

I guess I will just keep adjusting,adjusting,adjusting my life until I am LOSING. Whatever it takes!! No worries for those of you who are thinking "SHE IS TRYING TO LOSE IN PREGNANCY??????".

Yes........It happens all the time. There is no way it is going to hurt the baby if you lose weight because you are living HEALTHIER than you previously were. I will NOT be cutting calories or doing anything silly. I am planning on losing because I am eating SO much better.

I can't WAIT to get my book back!!!!!!! I have not been trying new recipes because I lent my book to my SIL. I should get it back today or tomorrow! Horray!

Oh,for my exercise today I am going to do 30 min of Billy Blanks "This is Tae BO".

That's all for now!

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  1. Awww! I'm sorry! I have not been blogging because, well, Grandma needing me and crazy stuff happening I haven't been good. LOL

    I bet you will see a difference after your body adjusts to being pregnant again...