Sunday, January 13, 2013

Quick update

Because I just happen to have time today!

My *cheat* day yesterday went GREAT! I only had a few small treats and the rest of the day I was on plan! My weight was NOT up today!!!!

I have to rave on the S granola in the THM book. We added peanut butter to it and  had it over vanilla greek yogurt. It was simply too good to be true! lol Peanut butter granola and vanilla yogurt is on of my favorite foods. I can't believe that I can still eat it and it be healthy!!!! Definitely a keeper and I promise you,the yogurt and granola actually tastes SUGARY!

I am looking very forward to getting back to working out this next week! I only did 3 days last week and then decided to take a break because I was so dead sore!!! Usually I just press through it but this time I didn't! lol I plan on hitting every day this next week!

Hmmmmmmmm what else?

We are making HM Andes mints right now. Skinny chocolate on the bottom + skinny chocolate on the top minus the cocoa and with the addition of mint extract and green food coloring! Hey,the way it looks is half of it!! lol

I am looking very forward to Thursday weigh in. I hope hope HOPE I see 186!!!!!! (185 would send me over the moon).

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  1. Glad to hear from you! I was wondering how you were doing! I am learning a lot - love the skinny chocolate, and may try your Ande's thing - great idea :)