Monday, January 7, 2013

SO many things to say!!!!! lol

First of all.........I did great Saturday.You know,I had planned a cheat night for every SAT night.So,Sat night came and I did cheat.I had cheesecake,apple danish and a few other snacks.I had an excellent supper (even pretty much on plan!).

The thing is? The whole night I kept thinking "I can't wait to get back to my THM eating!" lol I mean,I enjoyed the stuff I ate but it was almost like I was just eating it just because I should because it was cheat night. So...........

Drum roll please.............

I am NOT having any more cheat *nights* ! I can't belive I am saying those words! I have been determined to keep my cheat nights.Just NOT willing to let them go.The thing is,there are SO many wonderful foods and sweets that I do NOT feel deprived! I don't feel the need to have an evening to just chow down on whatever I want! Isn't that great????

I AM going to be more liberal on Saturdays but I am not just going to go totally off plan.Liberal,not hog wild.

I am VERY excited about this!!!

I am also announcing that if something comes up,like my dh brings me chocolate (like he did last week) I *will* be eating it. He will NOT be happy if I get so fanatic that I won't eat the chocolate that he brings me :). I figure that just eating a sweet here and there if the situation comes up is a whole lot healthier than totally eating tons of sweets and junk on Sat nights. I would also like to log my food over the weekends and then,if I don't get to posting it (which I probably won't) I can post it on Mondays.

So good bye cheat nights!!!!! I really don't need you anymore! :):)

My weight DID go up a little bit after that cheat night but it is going back down again at a very nice pace and I can't wait to see what Thursday's weigh in brings!

Next........I am FINALLY getting around to making my order from Swansons Vitamins today! I am getting the glucamannon,NuStevia,2 big containers of protein powder,cod liver oil,chlorophyll and maybe a couple of other things.I am so excited!

We are also going to start drinking dry red wine.Amazing stuff! I would love to choke down 4-5 small glasses a week.We will see if I manage it! lol

KETTLE BELLS! lol I got one with my Christmas money. 15 lber and I did this workout..........HA! lol I am SORE! It was fun,fun,fun but I can FEEL it!!! I LOVE IT! I can see myself becoming hooked!

Oopsie rolls.........The look really good! I am getting ready to have one for lunch with some salmon and other S sandwich toppings.Salmon is not my favorite but it is tolerable.The bottom picture is the gluc pudding (choc and vanilla layered) along with some of the rich chocolate fudge and Ready-Whip. It was good but I could not finish it. I am finding that desserts that have to be REALLY sweet? I don't like the taste of the Truvia. There have only been a FEW that I get that real strong Truvia taste in my mouth and I very much dislike it. I had to wash it down with a squirt of straight Redi-Whip lol. Usually it isn't like that but a few things were just tooo much Truvia after taste.

My food today

Breakfast-1 piece of HM sausage,1 egg, 1/2 avacado S
After workout drink......1 8 oz cup Big boy smoothie
Lunch-Oopsie roll with salmon filling (mayo,seasoning,cheese,onion etc.) S
Supper-Fuel pull salad
Dessert-Yogurt w/protein powder and strawberries TOPPED with the coconut whipped cream
Snack-Just like wheat thins

I may have a FP snack between lunch and supper too.......Not sure what it will be yet. :)

Well,I think that is it!

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