Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 2 of the 30 Day Shred

Yesterday AFTER the workout......Several hours into the evening......I was thinking that the 30 day shred wasn't that hard lol.I mean,it was hard but not as hard as I expected......

I changed my mind DURING the workout today lol.It is easier looking back into the workout AFTER you are done lol.You forget the burn! I mean,2 minutes of cardio? Big deal! lol

I am excited about this workout combined with the GAPS diet! WOW what a difference that HAS to make!!!

We are doing great.We weren't able to do GAPS all the way because I need more groceries.I might go shopping tonight but *atleast* by SAT.I have saurkraut fermenting,fresh kefir made from raw milk every day,hm yogurt and soon I will have hm butter......I am planning on making a huge pot of stock 2x a week.I also plan on making the ginger carrots out of NT.

How is everyone?

Last night we had REGULAR cookies....Chocolate chip cookies (Hey,we had to finish the rest of the chocolate chips.) I am amazed at how much less of a sweet tooth I have.Scott too.....We still enjoy our sweets but don't have near the cravings since we cut back so much in the last few months.

I have made SUCH progress on sugar and exercise!!!! I am so proud of myself for keeping this up! :):):) I am also even MORE thankful to the Lord for his help.He really convicted me after Titus's birth and I have not turned back since.That gives me confidence that this IS for real and for keeps!

Well,off to have fun planning my GAPS meals!!! Oh and we are tapping trees! We will have our first gallon (atleast) of syrup tonight! I am boiling down now!

Talk to you all later!


  1. Great Job Angie!!!

    I just made the fermented ginger carrots...YUMMM

    I am hoping to add in yogurt THIS week!!

    I will blog my menu later this week.....
    I'd love to see your plan-- I love to see GAPS Menu plans-- the more ideas the better.

    30 Day Shred-- I did it before pregnant with Rachel.... I alternated between that an BL Boot Camp-- it WORKED!! Ummm too scared to get it back out now!! LOL

    GOOD JOB!! I am enjoying this journey with you!!

  2. Keep up the good work Angie!!! I am so proud that you are still working so hard! Great commitment!

  3. Good job, Angie!! I hear you about the Lord's help! That makes the BIGGEST difference in being able to do it. Not by our own strength but HIS.

    Have fun sugaring!! The sugar's done running down here. Not that we got to be a part of the fun, but maybe next year. ;)

  4. We were wondering if you were tapping yet. (In fact, Jared just asked the other night if you you were.) In fact, if you lived down in our parts, you would have missed your opportunity already. LOL! :)

    I am happy to hear that you are still committed and doing well. Hoping you start seeing results with the GAPS diet. Enjoy that shred. :)