Tuesday, March 20, 2012


My food log from yesterday

Breakfast-1 piece of hm cheese
Lunch-1 small bowl of beans w/ pork
Snack-1 healthy pb ball
Supper-1 cup rice with sausage
Dessert-1 Watchamacallit and a couple handfuls of Dorritos.Oh and a couple drinks of pop.

It was Vashti's night last night which is why we got the candybars and chips etc.

I got my exercise in! Did great on water too.......

How is everyone else????? IS there anyone else???????? lol I hope everyone didn't quit!!!!!


  1. Go Angie, I am still on my way up, not down, but I will join you sometime.


  2. I haven't quit!! Just haven't been able to come and blog. I'm going to TRY today. LOL.