Friday, March 9, 2012

GAPS meal plan!

I just did day 3 of the 30 day shred! I am so sore....It feels great!!! A big accomplishment!!! I am getting better at pushups!! Horray!

Now for my GAPS menu!!

I have 7 meals planned for each breakfast,lunch and supper.After a week we will just repeat them.I also want to add here that there are 2 things so far that we will not be sticking with.

1.Maple syrup
2.Cocoa powder

Both things are on the "should not have" list but we are having them anyhow.......(We make our own syrup and I will not give up healthy chocolate.I don't believe it is bad for me! )

Daily stuff

We will all be drinking 1 cup of kefir a day and bone broth all throughout the day.
We have unlimited hm yogurt that we will be eating every day.
We will be trying to eat fermented vegies all meals.
Sour cream is hm.
Butter will be hm within a couple of weeks.


I'm back!!!!!

I know that you didn't even know I was gone! lol Anyhow I am back from shopping and utterly exhausted!!!! I had SUCH a productive day today!!!


Did the shred.
Cleaned my room/general house pickup.
Finished boiling down my sap (10.5 quarts of beautiful Maple Syrup!!!!)
Took care of a constipated/screaming toddler.(He is fine now.)
Nursed a baby a dozen
Went shopping for 2 weeks.
Tended my dh because he wrenched his back BAD today.He can barely move.
Cleaned kitchen spotless.
Strained milk/got kefir going.
Cleaned out my fridge.
Beans soaking.
Almonds soaking.
Chicken stock going.
Made 8 quarts of hm yogurt.

My counter has so much wonderful food on it! lol 10 jars of Maple Syrup,fermenting saur kraut,soaking almonds and nuts...Stock going.....It smells great in here!!!

Now before I fall asleep........(Which I am starting to do right here at the keyboard.)


Eggs/Muenster cheese
Sausage and fermented vegies.
Eggs/chicken/saslas/cheese etc.
Green smoothies.
Nut pancakes with bananas and whipped cream.
Yogurt with apples/coconut/nuts etc.
Steak and eggs.


Russian salad.
Regular salad 2X.
Bean soup.
Cabbage and hamburger.


Chilli/cheese/sour cream
Pork roast with mashed turnips.
Chicken alfredo over steamed brolly.
Baked beans with sausage.(baked the proper way!)
Pizza with nut crust.
Chicken soup.
Meatball soup.


Banana ice cream with chocolate sauce.
PB fudge.
date balls

lol I have to tell you this.......I just fell asleep and instead of writing what I was going to say which was "Baked Apples with whipped cream and nuts." I typed "Oats around oats." WHAT? lol

Coconut sweets.
HM ice cream.

Well I think I better go...........I am really falling asleep! lol


  1. WOW! Angie you had a SUPER PRODUCTIVE DAY!! WOWWWW!

    Looks like a good menu.... I know some days it is a LOT of work... soaking beans, soaking, nuts, making stock, making fermetned foods, making yogurt.... nothing is "hard" but it is all time consuming especially to keep up with what has been "cooking" for how long.

    We do our stock 1 cup before lunch/dinner. Then we enjoy our "meal". If I let my family have it as they wished they would NEVEr wish!! LOL

    Are you on fermented dairy only?
    We are just adding yogurt back in this week.

    Eggs are our tricky point-- not sure if we are having problems with them or is sooo hard to go egg free...and with 45 layinng hens WHY WOULD I? LOL

    Keep up the good work!

    I am kind of running my blogs differently I have a lot of friends who are "into" GAPS so I post my GAPS things on my regular blog... ONLY my MOMYS friends know about my weight loss blog..... but here is a post I just made about GAPS breakfasts:

    Here is a muffin recipe we made-- they were GOOD!! VERY VERY GOOD. So good my kids called them cupcakes not muffins!! (no icing of course, but the coconut I sprinkled on top made them SWEET)

  2. LOL! You realize you also typed brolly instead of broccoli? (Or at least I think you INTENDED it for brocooli!) Sounds like you NEEDED to fall asleep. Busy day!

    Good job on the Shred. I'm sure you are feeling encouraged and confident. I'm glad. I really hope it helps you meet your goals.

    Tell Scott we are sorry he hurt his back. We'll be praying for quick and full recovery. It's no fun to have your back injured... especially when you have to bounce around in a truck all day, getting in and out.

  3. Lol I can't BELIEVE I wrote "brolly" lol!!!!! Oh well.....It was 2:00 AM!!!!!!

    I will definitely be reading your other blog Denise!!!

  4. How did your first day of GAPS go Angie? I have been thinking of you. I am sorry I don't comment often. For some reason your blog loads very slowly for me, as does scrolling down and typing.
    Is Scott feeling any better? I have a bad back...I FEEL for him!
    I am praying for you all!