Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday off with a bang!

Eating great and I just finished day SIX of the 30 day shred........

That doesn't seem like very much lol but it FEELS like allot! lol

It is HARD!!! It feels SO good to be done with it when I am done! Just the accomplishment!!

I have been doing kegels faithfully and I already tell a difference! I haven't squatted yet lol but I plan on doing some today.I am going to aim for 3x a day......I have no idea how long I will be able to hold the squat position but we shall see! lol

I got my skin brush and I am excited to try it out tonight! I know that I am *supposed* to do it in the AM but that won't work out for me.Dh and I shower together most nights and I am definitely NOT taking 2 showers a day.So evenings it will have to be! :)

I am also changing my weigh in day to Thursday.Not many of my blogging buddies are weighing in on Mondays and I am doing the biggest loser thing with the MOMYS and we weigh in on THURSDAYS.

Two weigh in days are too much lol.SO Thursdays  it is for me at least until July! lol

Sometimes when I look in the mirror or see a good view of myself etc. I feel like I have SOOOO far to go and that can be discouraging BUT if I look on the bright side......Imagine how I could encourage others to go from THIS to the shape I want to be in? It is so encouraging to ME to see someone who has done it.....

Well,bye for now!!!!

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