Thursday, March 29, 2012


30 Day Shred-Level 2-Day 2

I thought I might die.Anyhow,I kept it up and I am so glad! For those of you who know anything about the shred,those things where you get in the plank position and jump forward? I do those one leg at a time.They KILL me.I jump forward SOME but then I switch to one leg.I can't say that I CAN'T do them but I am choosing not to for now.The plank position jumping jacks absolutely kill me too.What is the other one that kills me??? The ones that are kind of like the dumbell rows in level 1? But you pull the weights out instead? KILLER!!!!! It was torture.......The 5 lb weights I am using make it alot harder I am sure.

Anyhow.......So glad to be done.Tonight we will be hauling firewood again too so that will be more of a workout.

Weigh in today...........I am DOWN!

215! That is officially 15 lbs lost.I am so happy!!! I sure had to work my tail off for it but it is WORTH IT!! Imagine if I had NOT done the work? I would be 6 months postpartum and still 15 lbs heavier and MUCH MORE out of shape.Most importantly I would be feeling MISERABLE,wanting to get into shape so bad/lose weight etc.

I feel GREAT! I know I am doing a great job.Practicing self control,praying to the Lord for strength.I am getting stronger,more fit and the weight is coming off........Even though it is coming off slowly.

I would rather lose it slower and get FIT while I lose then lose fast and be skinny/frail with saggy skin.

My dh does not like frail women.He likes me FIT and strong.

Well,I am off to check up on all of you!


  1. Great Job, Angie! So happy for you. Isn't it awful that it is so hard to lose and so easy to gain??
    I'm out for a while though I'll continue trying to eat better. I've got awful back problems and have been forbidden to do any but the mildest exercise for a while. It really stinks. The running on the treadmill has me so inflamed I can hardly move. I want to be in shape sooo bad!
    I'm not a 'go to the doctor' person but this is beyond my home remedies. And on steroids for 10 days to get the swelling off my nerves so I can feel my feet again.I've never taken them in my life before and I know they are not good for weight loss...
    Just wanted to encourage you and whine at the same time, lol. I guess I'll just stick to eating good for now but I want to tone these muscles... WAAAAA!!!!

  2. Great job on the 15 pounds!!! that is great!!

    Any recent picture of you?? hint..... :)