Friday, March 30, 2012

This morning I am feeling.......

Hungry and depressed at how far I have to go! I DO NOT FEEL LIKE DOING THE SHRED EITHER!

What I would like to do is kick back,do no work today,make some hot chocolate and cookies and NOT exercise!

Don't worry,I am not tempted to quit or anything.I am just disgusted at how much fat I have on my body! Taking a bath this morning didn't help much.I had too good of a view of my belly and thighs.*sigh*

Today is cleaning day and tonight is family night.I want to be able to relax when Scott gets home and then be able to have hm pizza and a dessert tonight without feeling guilty about it.

I will go make my juice.(Even though I would love to eat oats with brown sugar and butter.)
I will start cleaning.(Even though I would love to sit around or go back to bed.)
I will do the SHRED.(Even though I DREAD THE THOUGHT.)
I will make sure I drink plenty of water today.(Even though I am not feeling motivated right now.)
I will drink my green tea.(I REALLY want to do better at tea.)
I will try to think positively and think of how far I've come.

How is everyone else?


  1. I was SO discouraged yesterday. (Thurs.) I ended up giving up half way through the day as well. Which just left me MORE discouraged when I went to bed. Don't don't do what I did! :( I'm having a difficult time getting back into it today. Haven't eaten or drank anything AT ALL today yet, and it's lunch time. (I just feel that if I don't juice, then I don't want to do ANYTHING.) I feel like starving myself like I used to... just to get this weight off. BUT... the baby is already beginning to lose weight. He was at 19.5 pounds, and when I weighed him yesterday, he was down to 17.5 pounds! :( We just started feeding him solids, and I usually wait until they are closer to 8-9 months. I AM SOOOOO depressed and discouraged.

    Well, you asked, didn't you? LOL! Don't do the same thing I did yesterday. Do the next thing and feel better about your choices. You'll feel much better about yourself if you do. (((HUGS)))

    1. awwww I am so sorry Brandy!! I know what you mean about not having motivation when you don't start the day like you want to! You ARE going to juice with me when you are here aren't you?? :):) I plan on juicing for breakfast and salad for lunch for myself while you are here.I may have something in ADDITION to the salad but I want salad available.Then a normal supper.I plan on having treats too but I really need to keep the juicing up.I do NOT want a setback!!

      I would be feeding my baby too if he were losing weight.I can't wait to see Silas!

      I didn't give up today.....Actually I had a little boost! I was able to go with Scott on a run to Genoa! He picked me up and dropped me off on the way back.It was only 45 min but it was a lift to be able to be with him for a little bit!He did a good job of encouraging me as always.....:)

      I am drinking my juice now,even though I am able to eat.I am not eating until the juice is gone.Grapefruit,kale,beet,apple,carrot and cabbage today.A whole quart!

      I skipped the Shred and did 2 miles WATP.I will go back to the shred Monday.

      I am going to have a salad for lunch and hm pizza for supper.HM glazed doughnuts for dessert on this family night!Guilt free! :):)

      Don't stay discouraged! I need your encouragement!!

  2. I have to get back to walking, treadmill is not working at the moment, so I have to make time to walk outside. Hoping to start next week, by getting up a bit earlier and getting the walk in before the children are up. Dh is hoping to accompany me, so that will be fun!

    I've thought about juicing, but I would need to buy a juicer first.

    Sounds like you have had a good day after all. :)

  3. Angie I hope you are feeling better today!
    I really feel like you are one of the closest people to my body type, metabolism, muscles, and strength, so I feel like I can relate to your struggles. I wanted to mention a couple of things that I know would work for me to kick start my weight loss. You can ignore me of course :)
    You know by now that i am NOT a calorie counter at all. I do have an exception to this rule. If I am planning on having a special meal then I do count my calories. You have such a wonderful beautiful sweet arrangement with all your date nights and special times. It's very inspirational. However as you know they have foods in them that are not going to benefit your hard work. For example each time you do The Shred it burns about 200 calories. One slice of homemade pizza is 400 calories and glazed doughnuts are about 200 calories each. It is taking you 3 days of all that hard work to burn off just one slice of pizza and one doughnut. That means that you are breaking even at the end of the week. You are exercising and working hard so you can eat those special meals and maintain your weight. I know you are guilt free when enjoying yourself. And that is definitely ideal and works great when you are at your weight goal. Maybe you can try to exclude those special meals for just 1 or 2 weeks and see if it makes a difference for you. I realize that would be a huge sacrifice but it wouldnt be forever.

    Have you considered maybe juicing tell 10 am? The reason I say this is because really you are missing out on 2 meals when you juice tell 12. since ideally you should be eating every 2 hours. Just 2 weeks ago I realized that I was in a pattern of not eating enough calories. I really didn't know how it happened but as soon as I started eating every 2 hours my weight began to drop off again.
    I hope this doesnt come off wrong I just see how hard your are working!!!!!!!

  4. Definitely not coming across wrong Heather!! Be back later to reply/update! Thanks for all of your thoughts!