Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hello fellow weight loss buddies!!!!

I am doing great!

We started the GAPS diet yesterday and that is going great.....I did not start my 30 day shred yesterday.I was so busy cleaning the house after company that I decided it would be ok to wait to start until today.Now everyone is getting sick here (not me) but I am still planning on exercising.

Other things on my agenda today are making saurkraut,kefir,straining my yogurt that I made yesterday (4 gallons).Cleaning my kitchen better.......Cleaning my fridge.......Laundry.......Something good for supper......Shower and fix myself up for dh getting home tonight from work AND reading/cuddling 4 little boys.

How is everyone???????


  1. GAPS!! Yeaaaaa
    I could talk ALL DAY about GAPS!!! Really!! LOL

    It makes me feel so great! The weight drops off... my endoctrine system feels better......

    Some days are a struggle... some days I have to POST why I am doing it-- on the rough days....

    Is your whole family doing it or just you? I know lots of people who do it themselves, but I could not do it with out my whole family. We have a lot of "allergies" too so I think it is best for us all to do it anyway. My little girl who cannot afford to lose weight gains weight WONDERFULLY while on GAPS....while I lose... it really does BALANCE your body.

    The first 3-4 days there are a lot of grumps and tears....but then their bodies adjust and they do well on the REAL FOOD and do not crave the extras. I do "bribe" with fresh fruit or a coconut oil fudge to help get the broth down some days. But I figure the broth and the co desert is a win win detox situation!!

    Here are my GAPS links/ideas on my other blog:


  2. I really want to do GAPS and see if it helps me with my digestive troubles. I'll be watching to see how it goes for you all. ;)

    I did my T-Tapp and 3 miles WATP. Hoping to go looking for the cow my fil told me I could milk in a month and maybe finding some rabbits today. I cannot WAIT to make yogurt again!! I really, really, really miss my hm yogurt! :D

  3. Didn't know you were going to do GAPS. Hope it works for you. :) I've heard some really good things about it... (and of course, I've heard some bad things, too! LOL! Isn't that the way it is with EVERYTHING?) I'm interested in seeing how it affects you and your family. :)

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