Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I know I know.......

I change my blogs ALL the time! lol

I do NOT like the same thing for long.Anyone who knows me knows that lol.

Schedules,clothes,music,meals,workouts,home decorations,perfume etc. etc. lol

I am the queen of trying new things lol.

Anyhow..........I am DOWN again!!

I have reached my first goal!!!!!!

I did not reach it on time but if you remember,it took me weeks and WEEKS to actually start dropping weight so I am very happy!

Here were my original goals copied and pasted......

Goal #1-217 (Titus's weight GONE) By Feb 12
Goal #2-204 (Isaac's weight GONE) By Mar 18
Goal #3-191 (Ezekiel's weight GONE!) By April 22
Goal #4-178 (Tobias' weight GONE!) By May 27
Goal #5-165 (Patience's weight GONE!) By July 1
Goal #6-152 (Vashti's weight GONE!) By Aug 5
Goal #7-140 (Silas' weight GONE!) By Sept 25

As you can see I was a month late in reaching my first goal but I am not too worried about that! I DID reach it!! :) Something ALSO tells me that I won't reach goal #2 by March 18 ! lol

This morning I was 216.8 !

I also did day #4 of the 30 Day Shred today!! Killer! lol

I am going to revise my goals a little to make them more practical since I don't think I can lose 12 lbs this week :).

Goal #1-217 (Titus's weight GONE) GONE
Goal #2-204 (Isaac's weight GONE) By April 9
Goal #3-191 (Ezekiel's weight GONE!) By May 7
Goal #4-178 (Tobias' weight GONE!) By June 4
Goal #5-165 (Patience's weight GONE!) By July 2
Goal #6-152 (Vashti's weight GONE!) By July 30
Goal #7-140 (Silas' weight GONE!)
By Aug 27

Maybe I won't be able to lose it that fast and I can kepe revising if I have to but I have a pretty good feeling that I am going to drop alot of weight now that we will be doing GAPS for a while AND all of the working out I am going to be doing/have been doing.

In addition to the scheduled exercise and I getting quite a bit more even by hiking up and down hills gathering sap!! Thats nice!!

If I could be at 140 or even CLOSE to it by our anniversary, (Aug 20) that would be SUCH a JOY! lol I know that regardless of the numbers,by then I will be down ALOT and be feeling great.I already feel great.I don't mean HEALTH.........Even at my highest weight I have never felt bad.When I say GREAT I mean that I feel like I look so much better and I can feel more confident afa how I look to my dh :). I would love to be able to dance for him like I used to but right now....? No way......I am getting there though!! :):)

Of course that is NOT the main reason I want to lose weight but looking great for him is a HUGE reason.He never complains and tells me that I look beautiful and sexy all the time but he would also love it if I got back in shape and the great thing is that this time I know I am not quitting.........I am so excited about being able to get outside and workout AND work in my garden/around our property etc!!!

Oh!! Something else!! We are trading some land with out neighbor.Giving him more yard in exchange for a huge barn.My dh's shop in our basement will be transferred to the barn and guess what ? The room downstairs that he is using now we will be changed into a workout/wrestling (dh wrestled all through school and was a coach etc.) room.! I will have my boxing bag down there too.......I am SO excited about that!!! lol

Well,off to get myself ready! I wanted to get fixed up today before Scott gets home......Well,bye for now!! :)


  1. This is great Angie! I am so happy for you!

  2. Yippie!!!You really keep me motivated!

  3. I don't care how often you change your blog... as long as you update! :)

    Great job on the weight loss. I KNOW that must feel SO good!

    I've got a question for you... perhaps I missed it... why did you stop the juicing? You were so "on board" with it after watching FS&ND... I'm wondering why you gave up? Was it not working for you? Was it because Titus got fussy? Did you get tired of juicing? Just curious, is all. It's a good thing I'm not a cat- or I'd be dead by now, I'm sure!

    Neat thing about the workout room/land exchange. I hope you like it and get a TON of use from it. :)

  4. I'm as curious as Brandy. LOL. Great job on the weight loss!!! And yay for the barn and exercise room!