Thursday, March 1, 2012


I can't believe I have not updated!! I have been doing wonderful!! I have written down what I have eaten too but I am not going to post it because I don'thave time! lol I have REALLY been eating great though AND exercising!!!

Last night,my belly just seemed smaller.......I was SOOOOO excited to step on the scales this morning REALLY hoping that I was in the teens......Monday I was 222 but yesterday I was 220.8.I ate GREAT yesterday too sooooo I was just HOPING this morning to be at 219........


I couldn't believe my eyes!!!!! I steped off and stepped back on again and it still read the same!! 218.6!!!

Isn't that WONDERFUL?????? That puts me at 12lbs gone so far.ONE MORE POUND until I reach my first goal!!! Titus's weight will be GONE! lol

I know my weight will go up and down and I am NOT going to count this weight as TRUE until I weigh in Monday but regardless I am so exicited because my "low" numbers keep getting lower and lower !!!!

I can't tell you how HAPPY I was this morning! lol

I am also joining the biggest loser challenge on MOMYS and that starts today.I thought it would be fitting to get the Biggest Loser 30 day shred! It looks HARD and I am semi afraid to make the commitment because I know I am gonna hate it lol.BUT if I say I am gonna do it I AM GOING TO DO IT! So,I am announcing here that I am starting MONDAY.I am getting my dvd today hopefully.I watched a preview on Youtube and I was quite disgusted.....absolutley disgusted at the way Jillian talks but Grace says I can turn her voice off so that will work.I would never use it otherwise.

So I think thats it.My brother and his wife are going to be here tomorrow morning ,only for a couple of days AND I somehow hurt my leg.....My upper thigh.Not BAD but it is bugging me so I am taking today and tomorrow off exercising.(I already take the weekends off) This will give me time to clean today,a fun weekend with my brother/sil/nieces AND time for my leg to heal hopefully.I will start MONDAY fast and furious!!!

Well,gotta run and clean carpets!!!!


  1. I did one of Jillian's workouts a while back, after having the twins, and it was HARD! Good luck! I agree I could live without her talking for sure :) Good luck!

    Mimi from MOMYS

  2. Good for you!!! Seeing lower numbers is such a rewarding feeling.

    You sound busy!, but then aren't we all!!

    Have a wonderful visit with your brother etc....

  3. WOW!! Great job!!
    I have the 30 days shred-- I did it before I was pregnant....not enough energy yet to do that again.... it was GOOD once I started-- it was just GETTING STARTED.

    I also have the Biggest Loser BOOT CAMP dvd with the guy-- we like that one a LOT more.

  4. With our Kinect Biggest Loser, we have the choice between the guy or the girl. (Sorry, can't remember their names.) I've heard so much negative stuff about the girl- so didn't even BOTHER TRYING it with her. I *really* like the guy though. I also like that with the Kinect, it's got so many options and choices. I thought about joining the Biggest Loser Challenge on MOMYS, but with still having abdominal pain and bleeding (almost 3 weeks now) I knew there was no way I could do that kind of exercising and have a chance at winning.

    But, I'll be encouraging you along the way. I can't WAIT to hear how you progress!

    Great job on the weight loss. How good that must feel. :) Hoping that Monday will show the same (or lower!) numbers for you!

    Have fun with Bubby, Angie and your nieces! So glad you get that time together.