Sunday, March 25, 2012

Just popping in quick.......

I am doing GREAT! I just had a couple of fun things to report.

Last night dh hugged me and stepped back and said "Wow Mamma,are you sucking it in?" lol I wasn't.He said that he could tell a HUGE difference!! Yippee!!

THEN......Attention TINA!!!

Remember the skirt I bought from you? The purple one? Well,I decided to try it on today.

I GOT IT ON!!! It is a size 14 and I got it zipped up!! It was too tight and I won't be wearing it but STILL!!!! I am SOOO excited!!!

I am back to juicing for the first 1/2 of my days these next 2 weeks.Excited about that.....

Well off for now.I hope to catch up with everyone soon! I hope you are all having a great weekend! I sure am!!


  1. Wooohooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SOOOO excited to hear that Angie! We need pictures :).
    Happy juicing! Did you ever mentione what type of a juicer you have?

    1. I havea Jack Lalannes juicer Tina! I want to post pictures when I reach 20 lbs gone.....Or maybe 26 since that will be exactly 2 goals DONE! (Titus' and Isaac's weight! lol)

  2. Look at you!!! I totally remember the skirt that Tina was selling that is SOOOOOOOOOO exciting Angie! Good Job Scott, its amazing what a compliment like that from a loving DH can do for your spirit!!!!
    I wanted to let you know that I am not currently doing the 30 day shred everyday. I really do love it but it just wasnt motivating me. I love the fact that its only 20 minutes that sure makes things easier time wise BUT my all time favorite and the thing that seems to change my body the MOST is Tae BO! 45 minute workouts are harder to fit in. I am also running everyday. On church days or outing days I will be doing the shred.

    1. Yes.......He motivates me so much when he tells me what he is noticing!!

      I LOVE Tae Bo too!!!!! I think my next dvd will be a Billy Blanks one.Probably insane abs or something.After I finish the 30 day shred thats probably what I will get.