Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hello ladies!! (SUNDAY)

How ARE all of you?????

I have been wanting and WANTING to update but I have so much to say that I just don't get it done because I can't do it in 5 minutes..........

Anyhow,I am doing wonderful! I continue to be so motivated.It's funny that even when my weight goes up,it does not discourage me.In times past it would.....Big time! I think it must be that this time I KNOW this is going to take time.I neglected and neglected my body for so long(years and many babies) and it got further and further out of shape.Now I am turning things around and well,it's going to take time.I am not out JUST for thin.I am out for fit,toned and strong.I am out to get rid of my saggy skin.I just want to be in tip top shape!!

The first news that I have is that we are done with the GAPS diet.That didn't last long did it? The good news is that we didn't stop because of self control issues (It was actually really easy!).We stopped because of $$$ lol.With no garden yet and having to buy so many things for the farm we decided to stop and just keep concentrating on eating healthy.Maybe if my dh started having gut issues again (Nothing major,just heartburn stuff that he never had before.) we would do GAPS in the future.For now though,it seems to have stopped.It stopped before we even started GAPS.

I am going to be going back to juicing this week! When I stopped juicing it didn't make any difference it Titus.I had wondered if he was getting belly aches with it because of a grunting type noise he was making when he was tired.Well,it seems that it is just a new noise he figured out lol.He doesn't seem uncomfortable or anything.....So,back to juicing I go again!! :) I am excited about that!

I am also going to start trying to do better at food journaling.It really helps me stay motivated! I enjoy coming here and being able to enter in that I ate really wonderful food etc. I also very much DISLIKE having to report that I ate bad food! lol

This last week I did not get in as much official exercise as I would like.Only 2 days of the 30 day shred.BUT I did do alot more outside stuff....Gathering sap and this weekend (yesterday) I spent 2 hours cutting wood with Scott and the children! It was such a workout! I carried tons of heavy wood/branches etc. and I even used the chainsaw lol.My right bicep is sore today! That chainsaw is heavy! Anyhow,I was exhausted! I drank so much water....It felt wonderful!!

A few things I am adding into my things to remember lol.

1.I want to do better at remembering my 5 minutes of ab work 2x a day.I just don't remember to do it! I think it will really make a difference!

2.I am trying to remember to such my abs in all throughout the day when I think of it.

3.KEGELS and deep squats.After talking to many other MOMYS they have convinced me that this is very important and I am excited to FINALLY stick with keeping myself in shape in this area.

4.SKIN BRUSHING......Google it. Again,my other MOMY friends have done this and KNOW that it WORKS.I am very hopeful that I CAN get this belly flat and firm! I am excited about that goal!!!

5.Incorporate more fermented veggies/kefir and yogurt into our diet!! We have PLENTY of fresh,raw milk!

Of course I am keeping up my 30 day shred.My goal is to actually do it every day this week.That will be it for workout one then.I have done 5 days so far.It is getting easier! I am using 5 lb weights.....

Well,I think that's all. I hope to do better at updating this!!!!


  1. I am doing really well!! I'm so excited to update with my weigh-in's EXCITING! LOL. I haven't gotten much intentional exercise in either. Too much to DO this time of year. But we've been for some really great walks outside and I've been working with Joe too. Gotta go for now...

  2. That's GREAT!!!! I can't wait to hear your update!!!!!