Monday, February 27, 2012

Weigh in and more!

Well,it has happened again....I am UP a pound from last week!!

Guess what though? I am not that bummed! I am 222.......Not 230! So it went up a little.....I know it will go back to dropping again!!

The great thing is that I am not discouraged at all! I have a new exercise plan......I was getting bored with the last one.(I have to change things around alot so I don't get bored! lol)

Mon-5 powerful WATP miles
Tue-Peak 8
Wed-Billy Blanks(1 hour)
Thur-Don't know yet
Fri- Peak 8

I am still doing my morning and afternoon 5 minutes ab stuff........

I ate plenty of sugar/junk food over the weekend but not NEARLY as much as I normally would and I ate lots of healthy food too! I didn't write anything down but I hope to keep doing better at that! I got a nice,new,pretty planner :) to keep track of everything so I am excited about that!

I have had a plate full of cream cheese brownies  sitting in front of me all day and it REALLY encourages me when I realize that I am not even tempted to eat any.It is encouraging to realize that normally I would have eaten on them throughout the day......

I AM making changes!!!!

OH! I forgot.......I am stopping the juicing for this week.Titus has been grunting and acting like he has a slight belly ache quite a bit......He doesn't cry and doesn't seem to be in pain,just fussy.At first I thought it was nothing but I decided to make sure.I am going to switch this week to eating small amounts of food often and I am also going to be drinking lots of bone broth/stock.I will see if he stops this thing or not and then add the juice back it if he doesn't.It could be nothing but I just want to make sure iykwim.

I walked my 5 miles today already.I am finding that WATP just isn't very challenging for me anymore so I added arm weights and that made a big difference!

hmmmmmm what else? I'm not sure but I am wondering where the rest of you went?????????? :):):)

We start the biggest loser challenge on MOMYS this week and that is exciting!!

Well,off for now!!


  1. Hi Angie! Good call on the juicing thing. And remember you can have juice with food to still get the nutrients, just not with fasting if it's bugging little Tighty. :)

    Hmmm... where did I go. Well mostly, just adding in working 2 days a week as a sub and trying to be a better wife, homekeeper and parent when I'm not working... it's taking a lot of work lately. My whole family has been a little under the weather (except me because I DON'T get sick anymore. Really, it's weird.) I know I will "never" be a consistent blogger, but oh well. (LOL)

    I got to sub as a special ed assistant in a very high needs class today. It was a first for me, and such a blessing. I actually spent most of the day helping with diaper changes, which I of course am very skilled at. And I've decided there's nothing like a big grin from a "non-communicative" kid! :)

  2. I'm here!

    I am up a little too...I am also thinking *maybe* I might be pregnate this month!! Larry is picking up a test tonight!! That worries me a maybe be pg at the weight..but maybe it will motivate me to exercise alot while pg and not gain weight.

  3. How are you doing with the smaller snacks/meals this week? Have you noticed any difference from NOT juicing yet? How is Titey doing? (I figured out my aversion to typing it as "Tighty"... I think of "Tighty Whities"... and there is just something VERY WRONG about associating Titey with a pair of briefs! LOL!) I hope he's doing better.

    I am sorry about the gain. Do you think it's muscle? Or do you think it is from something else? It is frustrating to watch the scale go up when you are working so hard to get it to go DOWN.

    Have you figured out what you are going to do on Thursdays for exercise? Seeing as it's tomorrow? LOL!

    I am glad to see that you are still committed and working hard. You efforts WILL pay off! :) Keep at it!