Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I did NOT do good with eating yesterday........My weight was up this morning and it totally gave me a punch of depression that took a good part of the day (and finally talking to my sweet husband) to get over it!

I am officially fine now though......:)


Lunch-SM bowl of oats with nuts,butter and SM amount of sugar
Snack-CHIPS believe it or not.I was STARVING.
Supper-SM amount of rice with lots of cauliflower and butter/cheese/sour cream
Desserts-(all after supper) A few spoons of Nutella...Pretzels (large handful) 1 Snickers bar....Something else too but I can't remember.


Doing great.......Not much time as it's Valentines Day and we have big plans!! :):) (WILL TELL LATER)

I have done GREAT.....PERFECT today.I did 1/2 hr of killer lower body workout and 1/2 hr dancing.


I have to go though..........MUCH to do!!!!!!!!!! :):):):) Have a wonderful night ladies!!!!

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  1. Pushing through our "bad" days is what makes us strong. Persevere!