Friday, February 10, 2012


I am down a WHOLE pound *again* this morning!!!

I started on Monday at 225 and almost every day it keeps dropping off.......Yesterday I was 223.2 and today.....

222.2  !!!!!!!!!!

My Appetite

I am really *floored* at how little I can eat.I have never been an over-eater (except when it comes to sweets) but NOW I can't eat much at ALL! I KNOW this juice fasting in the am is shrinking my stomach.

Last night I had 2 SMALL pieces of pizza (like 3"x3") and I could not finish them......I was so stuffed.

I will write more later about my food intake yesterday but for now,I HAD to report that loss!!! That is 8 lbs total gone in the last week & a half! Could I POSSIBLY reach 5 lbs gone this week???? I doubt it because the weekend is here but you never know!!! :):) I HOPE that the scales are *atleast* still at 222.2 on Monday.Instea dof going up.......

All of this without exercising since last WED! :):)


  1. Angie! I am SOOOOO proud of you!!!!!
    I FINALLY saw the scale move a tiny bit this morning! Its only a bit, but I will take it!!!!!

  2. Good for you!!! You sound thrilled and you should be!!

    Just be careful!

  3. I can't tell you how excited I am for you! You are so committed and I'm just overjoyed to see this working for you!!!

    8 pounds in a week and a half!!!!!!! That's like "Biggest Loser" pace!!!!

  4. Thank you all!! I couldn't be happier.Those scales would NOT budge for soooooooo long!!!!!

    Will be back later to post my food from yesterday.....As for now.....I am 7 minutes away from eating!!! lol I'm hungry!!