Friday, February 10, 2012


Food from Thursday......

Lunch-1 cup rice/buttter/vegies
Snack-Couple pieces hm (healthy) fudge
Supper-Pizza....2 pieces
Dessert-2-3 more pieces of fudge


I am really hoping to keep dropping by the weekend!! I am so excited that I only have 5 more pounds before I reach my FIRST goal which is Titus's weight lost....(my first 13 pounds!) I can't BELIEVE that!! I won't make it by Feb 12 but it shouldn't be too long after that! Hopefully I will be on track and still be able to reach my SECOND goal of 13 more lbs lost (putting me at 204) by March 18.We will see though!! :):)

I just got done eating my lunch of 2 small pieces of pizza (hm) and 1 piece of healthy fudge.I am totally stuffed.

What I REALLY love about this "method" is that I pretty much eat whatever I want and still

Well,Titus needs fed......:) I also haev 3 more diapers to make.I got NINE done so far today! Yippee!

FRIDAY!!!!!! I can't wait till my sweetheart is home!!!

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  1. Sounds great!!! You are doing well!!

    Happy sewing! Today I finished sewing SarahP'S quilt together. It is beautiful and next is the quilting of it. :)