Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday and some excitement!

Good morning!!! I only have 10 min until I exercise so this will have to be quick!!

Yesterday's food

Lunch-Large salad with cottage cheese/cheese/nuts/hm olive oil dressing (oh and one handful of chips)
Supper-Several bites of salad.....One bite of breakfast pizza
Dessert- I ate my leftover Valentines chocolates (6-7)
Snack-Pretzels and a few chips

Exercise-Arm strengthening (1/2 hr) and dancing (1/2 hr)
Tea-none lol

I am SO SORE today.......STILL terribly sore from Tuesday's exercise PLUS yesterday's.......

Amanda.......Before I forget......Scott and I take showers together at night most nights.Hmmmmm I don't think I smell bad.I usually change my clothes before Scott gets home etc. and he says I smell good :).

CHALLENGE!!!! Who wants to join me? I have been thinking for a looooong time that I REALLY need to work a little extra on my abs.We are all having babies and I for one would like to put more effort into keeping that area in better shape.I have heard that the best things for your abs is to do a short workout a couple times a day so thats what I am doing.Something is WRONG if I can't spend 10 min a day to keep my abs in better shape.

5 in the morning and 5 at night..........SIMPLE! I plan on just doing each exercise until I can't do it anymore and then switch to the next one and continue for 5 minutes.It is HARD.Do whatever ab exercise you want but keep your abs working hard for 5 minutes.Anyone want to join me?????I am starting Monday and I plan on doing it every day except for Sunday.

Now for the excitement!!!! :):):)


These were my measurements from before......(The last two times I took them) I have not taken any measurements since my weight started dropping until today. Below in GREEN are my measurements from TODAY.

Left arm -13 1/4 ~13
Waist (under bra)-35 1/4~35 1/4
Waist (belly button)- 49!!!!!!~ 47
Waist/hips (3 inches below belly button)-52!!!!!!~ 51
Rear- 49~49
Right upper thigh-28~28
Left calf-16!!!!!!! ~15 3/4
Bust- 42 1/2~42 1/2
Feet together/both upper thighs together-49~45
Left knee-17 3/4~16 3/4

Left arm -13
Waist (under bra)-35 1/4
Waist (belly button)-45

Waist/hips (3 inches below belly button)-48 1/2Rear- 49~48 1/2Right upper thigh-28
Left calf-16!!!!!!! ~15 3/4
Bust- 42 1/2
Feet together/both upper thighs together-45
Left knee-16 3/4

Thats a total of 8 inches I have lost off of my belly/hip area and 5 of those inches are from the last 2 weeks........I am THRILLED! :):):)

Well,I better go for now........Time to exercise and we are doing a really hard kickboxing workout today!!!

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  1. Excellent progress!!!! I do an ab video Crunch Fat Burning Ab Attack on Netflix. It's wonderful!