Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I am behind!

So sorry ladies!!!!!


Breakfast-Juice :)
Lunch-sm amount of sesame chicken
Snack-3 mini doughnuts
Snack-1 Lindt truffle
Supper-1 ham/swiss/lettuce/saurkraut sandwich
Snack-1/2 of a King size Watchamacallit


I was busy sewing diapers yesterday and decided to take *one* more day off of exercise! I am back at it today though.......


Breakfast-Juice :)
Lunch-Couple bites of ham/swiss and 1 cup of buttered, navy beans
Supper-Eggs/sausage/toast etc.
Dessert-I plan on having a candy bar tonight with dh during study

How I have been feeling


I have had plenty of energy and feel perfectly *normal*.I have had zero detox symptoms.(shrug) Tighty (or Titus lol) is perfectly fine too.....:)

Doing the juice thing is *so* easy.I simply don't even get tempted to eat before noon.Just my juice and water.I have also found that when I do eat,I can't eat much at ALL before I am stuffed.I really think my stomach has shrunk.

Really hoping for another great loss this week!!!!! :):):)

1 comment:

  1. Great job on continuing with juicing!
    I have to admit I am a little jealous of your treats that you manage to eat. I would never be able to loose weight and eat treats! I can eat them when I am maintaining so I look forward to that day!