Monday, February 6, 2012

GOOD MORNING!!!!!!! :):):)

How are you all on this fabulous day!!!!??????

Yesterday was one of the best days of my life and although I can't say *why*,just thank the Lord with me! He truly is an AWESOME God!!!!!! The things that I was struggling with are pretty much *resolved* and I am SO thankful.

Weigh in day!!!!

I am THRILLED to admit that even after no exercise since WED, and eating a fair amount of junk food over the weekend,I am STILL......


The weight that I lost stayed OFF! The scales did go up a little bit but thats it!!!! This is the FIRST time that I have lost weight and the scales actually stayed down after a weekend!!!!!! FIVE pounds especially!!!!! Thank you LORD!!!!!! I am so excited......

Another wonderful thing? My husband actually and finally believes me that I am going to do it this time!!! He sees how serious I am and he believes me! That is so wonderful for me to have him believe in me like that kwim?

I was planning on doing my juicing yesterday but didn't as we went to look at a truck a couple of hours away and took snacks and stuff.We don't get to travel much and I LOVE LOVE to travel so I just ate and enjoyed myself.I did not pig out or anything......I even took my juice BUT I didn't drink it.(shame)

I did juice Saturday though!!!!!

Scott surprised everyone and took us to Hardees while we were out Sunday......For the first time EVER it made me sick to eat the food at a fast food joint.I took one bite of a chicken strip and just sat there and looked at Scott waiting for him to take a bite.DISGUSTING.It was stringy,juicy in a BAD way and had the texture of rubber.It squirted like an orange when I bit into it.All I could think about was the "Fresh" movie lol and I was literally sick to my stomach....So was Scott......

Well,I need to run.I will catch up with everyone else soon!


  1. Good morning!!

    Yay about the weight loss!!!

    So glad things are much better. Praise the Lord!

    Better post while it is STILL morning!!

  2. WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Scott is right you are going to do it this time WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  3. Yay! The last time we ate out at a fast food place was Taco Johns and the food made me sick to my stomach as well. I couldn't eat even half of it. Isn't it amazing how our palate can change like that? I bet it felt good and was a great encouragement to know that your body didn't even LIKE junk any longer.

    A double encouragement to know that your husband really believes you are on board for the long haul as well. :) I am so happy for you! (((HUGS)))